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Saturday, 16 July 2011

I want to transition..

I have been toying with the idea for some time now and I always took 2steps forward and 3 steps back..
I want all natural hair...ahhh the thought of whipping out my scissors and taking the permed chunk off still seems scary ooo...actually I am not new to hair cuts..,infact i can say I have been my own stylist for a long time from hair cuts, hair coloring, braiding ,retouching to fixing weaves...(believe me be joke at at all ...) I have done them all and most people get shocked when they compliment my hair and ask where I got it done and I say "i did it myself"...they mostly have this look O-O *

I want all natural hair..
but why am i scared to grab the scissors this time after-all I have cut my hair "anita baker" and "halle berry" styles myself more than 5times of which I got a Salon touch only once (..that was cos my aunt who owns a salon insisted) 
So why does it fell different this it the haircut or the natural hair...??
I have been on relaxed hair for soo long the only break from it i ever had was the 6years in secondary school where haircuts were compulsory..(but one oyinbo girl was exempted sha oo..i was always
But,..,yeah...but I am going to transition anyways and see how I find it and hope somewhere I get the courage to whip out my scissors and do the do-do...and begin my exploration of wanting to know what having my God given hair texture would feel like..
Afterall if I miss straight hair..I could always use straighteners yeah? (who needs relaxers...? *sarcasm*)

Wish me luck....or chip in an advice..



  1. Good luck! You should def do, being natural is sooooo liberating!!!

  2. If you could be doing all those when your hair was relaxed, I bet going natural wouldn't be an issue for you, cos you will have to do a lot of things urself

  3. Being natural is great if you buy the right hair products, I know many ladies doing it and the beauty is amazing, just be ready to spend money on organic stuff sha, worth the buck girl, let me know how it goes, would love to read about it. I am not natural o cos the type of hair I have, strong pass ASO

    Thanks for always stopping by, nice blog, will be back.

  4. Funny enough i've been seriously thinking about cutting my hair. I'm just a little too afraid lol. Hope you give us updates on this :)

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  5. @blessing i am definitely on that journey now..thanks for encouraging mme...xx

    @ilola...i truly hope it would be as easy..cos the way u said that makes me feel like i could take on a bull..*cough cough*...

    @yankeenaijababe..thanks you too for coming..but as for hair products i want to try keep it real simple..buh i am still hunting tho'...
    be back..*wink*

    @muse origins...i surely would put up updates..i need the

  6. Success! You gon love going natural!

  7. thanks for the wishes..and also for coming over,,do come again..cheers

  8. I just had mine cut off so not sure if i can give u advice now. but i think its worth the try.when i see others on youtube who have done the same, i'm encouraged cos their hair just looks lovely

  9. Okay, okay so we're together on this one, I'm actually seven(7) months into my transition, I'd be trimming my relaxed tips for the first time by the end of this week. What I'm loving most about it is that my mum would be joining me. Isn't that sweet? Lol!

  10. i am so am doing the big chop in a few weeks time..
    @coy introvert...i'll stay in step behind you cos u are months ahead...yea let mom join us...let me knw how ur haircut goes...

  11. Wanted to let you know I had trimmed a bit of my relaxed tips, my hair had never been that long in my life, my front hair got to my chin and my hair is really full at the moment. I just braided my hair too, it's supposed to be a protective style for the new growth. :)


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