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Thursday, 7 July 2011

worried for children entertainment..

Oga ooo!!! that's all i can think right now..

The reason??

Here it comes : two posts back I complained about my inactivity at work today was pretty much different ,I had stuff to do although I still ended up relaxing in the doctor's lounge from early noon (the bulk of the work was in the morning)...I got home and went for beans and bread (don't think its the oyinbo kidney beans oo..i mean correct naija beans..*wink*) I decided "hmmm..why don't I watch a good children's cartoon to help me relax and feel like a baby" God that was the beginning of my worries...THESE KIDS ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO ENTERTAINMENT (ok maybe i am being too harsh..they do but what about originality??)

I don't think i live in space but hey CINDERELLA HAS A 3RD PART!!!where was I when that happened??(oh..i school..*rolling eyes*)
Can you imagine children's cartoon with 3parts....!! oga ooo
Right now it seems almost all current time cartoons are based on already existing cartoons..I mean cartoons I enjoyed when I was younger(*smiles* i feel privileged) now remodeled for this new sweeries..( dats why I get to be called aunty;)

Check out the few instances below;

1.Lion king; after we have watched the cartoon..then came a part two and it was still ok and then they had to go make a part 3..!!! why na?..the part 3 was totally off key..and now i gather they are trying to make a 3D version after a 2D...(*scratching head* now i wonder where this would lead maybe an eventual 32DD)

2. Pocahontas..yea it was a wonderful story...she fell in love with John Smith instead of Kokoum and it was alright until they had to go and make a part 2 where she fell in love with John Rolfe instead of Smith..moral???IDK

3. Now look what they did with Princess and the Frog....they turned over Frog Prince..

....I think I have an idea why don't we turn around Jungle book...instead of Mowgli in the jungle we put Baloo or Bagheera in the city...

plus check out Spongebob and Patrick..isn't it weird they live underwater but they don't swim...#justsaying

In short I rest my case..I want to go watch tales by moonlight....oh oh I forgot it doesn't air anymore....


  1. LOL @Spongebob comment
    You really made me laugh.
    I wish I could sit you down with my sons and they will 'explain' to you the inticate twists and turns in each cartoon. LOL

    I have ceased to make sarcastic comments about how their programmes dont make sense. They have told me I sound 'old' when I complain. LOL

  2. if only they got to watch tales by


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