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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

LOL + Greetings!!

Holla Blog fam!! It's been awhile and I know y'all missed me ( don't form>>you did jor!>>*winks) .

I'm currently on Surgery rotation *pheew!! ....the rotation is a bulldog..!

Long hours in surgery on my feet...I can't explain the feeling>>my back so numb and my legs feel like jelly as I walk out of the OP room...i'll spare you all the explicit details...

Today I saw a "Pheochromocytoma" and an "Adrenal gland" with my two eyes( now..,follow the link and read a little....join me on the Surgery rotation! *smiles) viewing screen at all...with my two eyes!!...but I sulked through the whole surgery but once the tumor came out...i was joyous and energized maybe cos I knew I would leave the OP soon or cos I saw the tumor for the first time ...I'm not sure ooo.

I'll be on the rotation for a month!!....beam your prayers my way for extra leg strength so I don't pass out like I did on one of the past surgery rotations..If you don't remember the event ,go HERE.

>>now the LOL part of this post: these pictures were sent to me by my sister and they lifted my spirit after a long tiring day...
ok,,, no idea what she's doing!..;)

I ask the by force??!! LMAO!

i baked myself this treat to calm me down....looks yum right? yea, I know!

Hope to be back with some fun jist from Surgery department....I have to disappear for a bit again , i said it before surgery is a bulldog! 

Cheers people!!

Thought: Choices are not options given to us..,choices are the decisions made by us...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How I spent Oct 1st

I had a wonderful day baking for a little celebration we had here....! Trust me I love Nigeria that much>>>hehehe..

The first cake fell as I was getting it out the oven but nooo! the devil is a liar!
I started over and came out with two lovely cakes...

I'm no pro and didn't learn to bake from no one but I give myself a proud pat on the back cos my cake is sought after...*wink!
sorry you have to work your neck muscles on this one

See pictures below and tell me what y'all think!

Cheers people...and happy Independence!
Independence from who or what??...#justsaying

cheers people!!