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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Are people inspiration???

How to begin...?

I am still shaken up by the sincerity and the openness of  Blessing in her last post "he's brought me from a mighty long way" ...and I just want to thank and appreciate her over and over again...
It reminds me of a few lines of a worship goes thus "so i'm here today because he kept me, i'm alive today only because of his grace..Oh! he kept me so i won't let go"...

Some hours ago, one of my friends (or a very good acquaintance) put up the following on his status "If you ask me about my inspiration I would say that its not the people and its not the things, its travel and experiencing different environments and taking in everything and savouring the moment....." and ever since i read that my mind has been jumbling the meaning around..I had a few conclusions

1. in hey.." I don't need anybody to make me feel alright ..I have got everything I need..who needs people?"

2. Arrogance's all about me me me..I am too good for this..(worse than no1)

3. Immaturity...cos I don't except such a line from a real adult.

4. Or maybe I totally misunderstood the meaning..I hope someone explains to me

A question i'll love to ask him.."why don't you let us take away people from all those places you travel'll have all the pretty buildings, sidewalks and all that to your self..would you still be inspired?" 
For me..., well I just got inspired today by the words of a fellow human like me and her name is Blessing,,I do not see myself as larger than life because I strictly believe "people always inspire people ,the difference only is the kind of inspiration


  1. You just made my day, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad that I was able to inspire you, God Bless you! :):):)

  2. you very welcome..u made my day too..and God continue blessing you to...

  3. hmm. People definitely inspire others. No man is an island and cannot stay on their own for too long else they'll go crazy. However, I would like to think that your friend didn't mean it that way. Maybe you misunderstood him. Its different strokes for different folks anyway. Some people work better alone or are more inspired when they're on their own. It may be something else that inspires him just like he mentioned. I dont think it means he doesnt need anyone. just my opinion though

  4. @stelzz thanks for ur opinion...he actually told me his meaning after..i guess he did not properly construct the sentence which distorted the simply meant he loved to travel as he is a real globe-trotter...


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