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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The end of Internal Disease cycle...

So. really its not like I am totally done with the course of internal diseases or something but at least for the academic session it is totally over and I have mixed feelings...I'll miss my teacher Dr.Valentina Ivanovna Tkachenko she is such a brilliant woman but she can make you work extra you know we students don't like that
The cycle lasted 3 weeks and it was a rough ride with multiple sleepless nights or a very micro night sleep...thats what Dr. Tkachenko can do to you...The cycle ended today and I had to write a computer module i did not do too well though..buh sorry I can't disclose my score cos trust me you'll want to knock
My next cycle is social medicine..I think I am going to sleep all through the cycle trying to make up for the teacher induced micro sleep schedule..
...but right now I gotta go grub my rice and chicken..the chicken is horribly soft..I just dey wonder how many weeks old these chickens are before they reach our plates cos they taste so young and their bones snapping like I miss naija chicken..*sobs*