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Monday, 18 July 2011

Surgery rotation....contd

Sorry about the but it's another ***LONG POST ALERT****

Ehn ehn where was I? *scratching head*....oh ok I remember..

P.s for those who did not catch the beginning of the story,,you can find it here.

After all my spiritual and educational rush-rush prepping myself (..i no go wan mess up if prof decides to ask questions na)....myself and Pato zoomed to the operation room..

Before I go further let me mention that at that time i was working out with Tony Horton's P90 series 6days a week and i was about 50 days into it...and my God my metabolism was through the roof as in I got hungry virtually every 3hours .......for those who know the routine that thing is monstrous.

So before scrubbing in I made sure I finished up a whole Bounty Trio and some apple and grape juice to keep me from getting hungry 3hours into the surgery..
I felt prepared...

Straight into the scrub room..,we scrubbed in..and so it all began..
The procedure is a Left hemicolectomy because the patient had Colorectal cancer..
On a pretty day the procedure shouldn't take more than 3-4hours if everything was going as planned..

But hey, after the patient was opened up, a manual exploration was done and behold liver metastasis!!!!
Oh Oh the duration of the surgery already gets an auto extension..5-6hours..because the metastasis also had to be cut out...

On and On we were there cutting,stitching, retracting,washing e.t.c...practically re-modelling the patient's normal anatomy...

About 2hours 30 minutes into the procedure...I started feeling hunger pangs (yeeepa!!...ok ok no cause for serious alarm yet)..somewhere in the corner of my mind I was hoping myself and Pato became mega geniuses on the spot so the surgery would end faster (because in the real sense we are babies..therefore we were slowing the prof down)

3hours into the procedure..I was already loosing focus..(and I was thinking after all my so I go ask for permission say I don taya???...keep trying barbie..keep trying..I kept on ranting to myself)

4 hours..I was already sluggish...(God if I was oyinbo they would have noticed I was pale already and told me to leave the table..but as I black reach..dem no notice at all)...
I kept looking at the clock...and at approximately 4hours 30 minutes...I felt the cold rush (the first stage of syncope(fainting) )....and then I nudged Pato (he was standing to my left) ..

Pato: Wassap?
Me: Can I go out?
Pato: Just wait it would soon be over..
Me: No I can't...take this retractor and forceps from me..

Funny enough Pato did not reply and I kept repeating myself or atleast I thought I was repeating my self (..after the surgery Pato said I did not say anything like that)
In the next instant I swayed forward ..and all I wanted to do was close my eyes for a second.. out...

...then I heard the professor's voice I don't remember what he said and I felt a pair of strong hands pull me from the table while someone else's was taking instruments away from my hands..

The next series of events happened fast..someone was removing my mask,another was removing my cap..someone else was taking my gloves..another person was untying my overall from behind...and I felt the hard ground on my back..I was on the floor..
Then I opened my eyes..I saw Pato's looking at me from the table like he was questioning "are you ok?" and I simply nodded ..I could not say a word..
I was taken out and put on a stretcher..a stretcher for God's sake I am not the patient!! But jokes apart I was loving the feel of the stretcher..I was surrounded my nurses and doctors showing me fingers, asking me to identify and stuff...all the while I just kept smiling and nodding..

I was handed a mug of over-sweetened tea because my body needed the sugar rush...and I was forced to lay motionless for about 30minutes..

approximately 30minutes later Pato walked out..the surgery was over..
and I'm like whaaaat??? all i needed to do was last an extra 30-40 minutes???(but i was still thanking baba God for the bed my
Then the prof came out smiled at me and said "well-done"..and walked away..

I felt off my stretcher (surgeon turn and Pato walked back to our floor changed back to our regular clothes...walked out of the building and we hailed a cab..
I sat back in the cab looked at my watch and it was past 6 in the evening...I slouched against the seat and enjoyed the ride home..with a smile of relief saying to myself "Oh what a day...."

Thank you for reading..


  1. Power 90 is the ish.... it honestly is. if I can ever get myself to commit for even 30days, my life will be on a fast track. first time i got in (2008), I did the whole 90 days and it worked wonders, got off it for a while and now I am trying to get back on.

  2. hahaha, omg...that was hilarious but seriously I'm glad you're doing okay. It was obvious that your body could no longer take another minute not to mention 30/40 minutes. More love.

  3. @ 9jafoodie...OMG..that thing isn't easy...but I am a fitness addict tho..but I am not a diet fan..but now I would soon go on Chalean and I just finished debbie sieber's..

    thank you both berry much for come again..

  4. aww.hope they understood it was the hunger sha. u doctors dey try o.nice one

  5. @stelzz...they understood my brain was

  6. Doctors! It is well. I won't say much cos my woman is soon to be one... I have hopes; highs and lows about the practice but I hope I'd soon come to terms with the lows. lol

    Thanks for the visit to my blog

    - LDP

  7. You actually fainted? Wow!! I have new respect for you surgeons oh! :o

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)

  8. @muse origins...yes oh..I actually!!

  9. I love, I love, I love, really nice story. You're a surgeon?? omg, I'm breathless atm, just kidding, but I'd always have respect for you guys, keep it up.
    How come I can't find the "follow" button?

  10. Omg! You fainted! Eh yah! I respect surgeons mehn! We had to wait for one of my profs one time and he was 45mins late. We were all screaming and getting angry, only for him to come and tell us that he spent approx 8hrs trying to work with a patient. What?! And there we were frowning for just a 45 mins wait. Mehn those peeps are something else. Don't worry you'll get there soon.

    I saw your comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by :)

  11. @coy introvert...i am still one in the making..and i fixed the follow problem..thanks for vivting..
    @msjb...thanks for coming visit again

  12. OHHH
    Thank God you didnt bang your head on steel/something hard OR dive in headfirst into the patient's open cavity LOL
    Sorry, I just had to laugh.
    Glad you are okay.
    Please have a cereal bar or an apple closeby.
    I have low blood pressure and I often find myself dizzy whenever I am busy + not eating well
    I have noted your new address.
    Have a good week

  13. thanks NIL...thank God i did not dive into the we were working with the
    thanks for coming again..
    av a great week too..


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