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Sunday, 17 July 2011

A memory..Surgery rotation

*******LONG POST ALERT*******
I spent today cleaning and moving things around my apartment and while my hands kept busy my mind was lighting sparks...
..sparks of memories of the previous weeks..,some of these memories died as sparks while some continued into a full fledged fire some made me groan with laughter...,some had me simply smiling to myself while some still left me undecided..

The one that I enjoyed most that got me laughing, embarrassed and undecided at the same time is the one I will share now (my God I am smiling at the screen now ;)

The story;
Surgery rotation; duration 3weeks

Before I became a victim..,I always thought it happened only in movies especially Grey's anatomy ..
My surgery got stolen from under my nose!!!

Yea it happens most of us usually are scalpel hungry but I never would have stolen anyone's surgery..(it's not as if they are going to let me "fly solo" on the procedure ...)
The surgeon walked into the room and asked we blood thirsty children (i no be vampire "which one of you would like to assist me on a surgical procedure at 1pm?"...oh boy!! see reflex..9 hands flew up eagerly...and out of the 9(my goodness..) I heard my name..
Surgeon: Ok, Dammy you would be assisting me..the surgery would be on 4th floor
Me; would it be in the same operation room we all observed the last time ..?
Surgeon: yes..1pm don't be late..
Me: ok..thank you

In my mind I was dancing galala and alanta even though in reality my body can't even understand those dance moves...

I turned to my colleague Dr. Pato ( my only fellow naija person in the room)...and we started our micro jubilation in pidgin english and yoruba ..(we add pidgin to yoruba because yoruba is a suicide mission for Pato despite the fact that he is a yoruba boy......i believe we all know the drill..gbeborun time) was around 11.30 am at that time..

12.30 I and Pato left for 4th floor (we did not want to be late)..we went straight to the operation room ...LO and BEHOLD it was empty!!..ok no cause for alarm yet we started searching the other rooms..still nothing (1.00pm) ok now there is cause for alarm!!!..
1.07pm we found the correct theater and my God there he was doing my surgery( oh my brain was on fire..)...and Pato said "can you imagine but he could have called your phone nau?"

And i was there just thinking.."there goes my very first #1assistant in this hospital" (not my first generally..)

Let me explain what #1assistant means; it is possible to have more than 2surgeons on a procedure, 1 of the 2 surgeons is the main surgeon while the other is the in a scenario of more than 2 assistants we start using the terms #1assistant #2assistant blah blah the number increases your importance at the table decreases( at least that's what we the children like to think)

Let me continue my story..

As I walked into the room the surgeon looked up and asked "why did you come late??" and I replied "we had a tough time locating the room" and she simply nodded her head in understanding..

After some minutes I let the issue be and focused on enjoying and trying to learn while observing..

After some hours the surgery ended..and I saw the victorious smirk on my colleagues face but believe me i wasn't bothered..

Life continued..everything was back to normal or so I thought..I had my chance and I screwed it up
Little did I know...a bigger fish or should I say the biggest fish was still coming my way...

3days later,
The same surgeon walked in..but this time she wasn't asking questions she simply said "Dammy and Pato you would be assisting the Professor in surgery later today"...
"Gbagaun gbagaun" (ring ring as in from a bell) that's what was in my in like "The professor...Like Theee professor" and the professor ( ok not only me and Pato and the Professor as in no other board certified Surgeon to assist (which if there was would push me and Pato to #2 and #3 assistants irrespective)..
What can I and Pato must have been doing pirouettes in our minds...
We just nodded and said Ok and muttered our thanks..and she left the room..

This time we told ourselves we would go an hour avoid any hitches
Little did we know or should I say little did I know..


Stay tuned for the conclusion..( no vex at all...but I can't finish it now because of a prior appointment....on the bright side it would give you a break from this my looong can grab a cup of tea with doughnuts)

Be back soon..
Thanks people..


  1. LOL, I love it but I'm awaiting (impatiently) FOR THE CONCLUSION(S).

  2. definately interested in reading it all baby sis, hp u'r gd tho........ misd u so

  3. Thanks for waiting..the remainin is here...xxxx

  4. Chai!! Okay, i came here first before going to the next one. This was so gripping. You are such a good storyteller lol

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  5. @muse head is swelling oo..thank you ..thank you..


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