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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

100% Mum's Day!!

My mommy is a year older today!!

My dearest mom,
 I just want to wish you a wonderful day..,there isn't much I can say or ever do that can adequately express my love and gratitude.
 A gem and a superwoman ..,ever working ,ever ready ,ever sure.
The only person in the world who calls me "Dee" .
The only person who tells me sorry and apologizes even when I am point blank capital letters WRONG...
The mother who "got" me a younger brother just cos I wanted one....

I really can't say much.

Everyone says their mom is the best in the world so I won't repeat the cliche..,I would just say you are my mom and I won't have it any other way if I had an offer.
I wouldn't trade you for anything.

May you live long to reap the fruits of your labour of love.

p.s: Mom i still haven't forgiven you for not being the one who picked out my first bra sha oo..
you know I always refer to that issue atleast once a year even if it happened donkey years ago>>>*smiles
...and Mom pls stop calling me "child" I'm old now jor...*wide grin...I know you will call me when you see this and still repeat that "child" just to rub it in...I know

Lots of love momma!
From your dearest pikin..


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Those who "DO" and those who "DON'T"

Hello people!!
I have been MIA and y'all know why ..,but now Surgery rotation is over!!>>(although it's just for now)

Back to my header...,alot of drama goes on around me on a daily basis and I'm sure most or all of us can identify with the issue. It's like battle of wills and one wants to win everytime infact it's not about winning ..,it's more about shoving one's preference down the opposing party's throat! Yes that's how I see it.

It's about battles between 2 groups of people .,those who Do and those who Don't!


#1. The "ammonium thioglycate"/ alkaline junkie(relaxer)/weave-on = the fake hair VS the "natural hair" woman.
 First, let me start by saying I do not like this argument one bit! In "MY" experience the "natural hair" woman is the first to start the drama and the questions sort of go like this "why are you not being natural?..,must you do everything to look like the white-man?...are you saying God didn't know what he was doing when he created you with natural afro hair...? The barrage of question format is endless...I met a deeper life person who said to me that one of my friends who is(was) a deeper life church member that relaxed her hair needs deliverance..! I didn't reply her because I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I was afraid I was going to say something really extreme...but in my mind I was like..."oh God..! I didn't just hear that right!!" like SERIOUSLY...deliverance, relaxer? what do they have in common..,please whoever knows should kindly explain it to me...cos my I.Q seems like it's not enough to help me figure that out!

 I have a full head of un-relaxed hair( some of us know when I transitioned) and above it I have a full stitched on brazillian weave...,what does that make me ?"hair hermaphrodite" ?
I wear my natural hair out when I feel like it and slap a weave on when I feel like it...! Big deal ,I ask?
Please my natural people stop trying to attach too much to the relaxed/weave wearing female. I understand that being people of colour our race has been oppressed for as long as history and we are trying to "prove" we are comfortable in our own skin but the hair is not the solution or the cause of the problem and please stop playing that "natural woman" card when you still apply coloured lipstick, eye pencils, mascaras the list is love your hair the way it is..,tell people how much you love it instead of making it into a deliverance sermon ,maybe they'll love the way you style your hair well enough to copy you sometime..but for now please leave behind the drama.
I have a new natural hair convert in my sister who said she was going to tie me to the bed-post if she had to and relax my hair..,but guess what ? I made a deal with her..,I told her to let me show her what I can do with my hair...after a few days she was on my me she is not an easy one to convince because of her super strong ties to the popular fashion culture but she had to agree with me!! No force or deliverance involved!! 

My relaxer junkies/ fake hair people: the next time I catch you calling a natural woman names ehn!>>well there's really nothing I can do! But, like your weave and you chemicals that doesn't mean the other person is born-again,SU,deeper,scruffy and all sorts of name they get called...Infact when i wear my styled natural me I look nothing like all the names i listed above you can ask my sister!
Stick with your fake hair and chemicals and stop the name calling!! Maybe just one day they'll like the weaves enough to try it..well who knows?

For "we" the "in-betweeners".... What more could anyone ask for..? Life is good..point blank.,period!!

cheers people!

P>S I want to add the "captcha" to my comment box!! please don't let it discourage you from adding your comments...please!! *puppy eyes
I have been getting too many spam comments that's why.