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Sunday, 26 August 2012

50 shades

I got so bored on this holiday, that I keep telling myself I should have just gone on hospital training...,so so bored that I was scouting for things to keep me busy...
So, I finally decided to join the train of people who have read the 50 shades series to really look into what the madness was about.

I also heard 3 out of 5people have read the real wah ooo..

I eventually gave in to the pressure and decided to read the book 'cos after watching my sister read the book holding on to it with one hand and brushing her teeth with the other....and listening to my cousin ramble on about the book for over an hour...Ok that's it ! I have to see for myself..

The book is in 3 parts..yes three parts
1. 50 shades of Grey.
2. 50 shades darker.
3. 50 shades freed.

I have gone through part 1 and 2 and it took me 2days....! I told you i was jobless didn't I?

...but I am not to  excited about the third part, forgive me those who loved the book.
I agree it had some good moments but the storyline was too redundant and I feel like the story could have been compiled in two volumes instead of three and the constant thing in the book and maybe the major reason most people were hooked on the book is the explicit erotica details....Oh my the book glorified BDSM like it was the best ever thing in the world! Every 2 pages or so there had to be some sexual moment in great detail...,when i mean great I mean GREAT details...argggh! no be small thing at all ooo! The details were explicit enough to feel like you are actually in a classroom with a very competent teacher...I had to open google to view almost all the "equipments" described in the book!
At some point to be sincere I was annoyed..,the only thing that kept me flicking the pages was the fact that the hero was a 27year old mega millionaire with a 21 year old damsel who he kept showering with gifts enough to keep a girl's mind running.!

Not so great a read so far..,in my own opinion but not too bad at the same time.
If you are looking for a great story with excellent penmanship, this book is not for you but if you are looking for a story with a course on sexual dominance 101 the book is the way to go!

Have you read the book? If yes let me know what you think.

cheers people!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lend a hand

I know this has been on a number of blogs way bigger than this ..,but who knows who may not have stumbled upon this post yet..


"Help is needed for our friend Funmilayo Lawal (On DP), UniLag Law Graduate 2011. She was recently diagnosed with MALIGNANT SARCOMA, a kind of malignant cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive that it might affect other parts of the body if a surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could cost her not just her hand but her life. Please help!

The doctors here advice she go abroad 2 have this surgery within 4weeks; it will cost $15000 (4 Million Naira). PLEASE HELP SAVE FUNMI'S LIFE.

Please send your help to her Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Account:
She can be contacted on 08096617172.

You could also help Fummi by publishing this message on Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, Linkedin, anywhere and everywhere. Sacrifice 5 mins to tell a friend about Fummi today, tomorrow, the day after, till when Fummi gets well; don't stop. Thanks for the anticipated help."

Please note ,the words in quote are not mine.

In my own personal plea..,please lets lend a hand with any amount we can.
May the Almighty replenish all as they do so and may the Almighty also bless those who want to but can not.
One thing I am sure of is we can all send in our prayers..,money is not needed for that.
A second could make a difference.
Thank you and God bless.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Photos speak..

It gets more difficult by the minute trying to defend my country.., my dear beloved Nigeria when these foreigners ask about Boko Haram ,Goodluck Jonathan and Dame Patience, and our politics.
It gets worse when a foreigner sends you one of the pictures you see below..

Have a good laugh and get angry too

 well they still had helmets on...

 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed if not call customer care...

 is this part of road safety job description??

 sell me your votes for a cup of rice...I wonder if Obama did the same when he was in the senate..

 ok ladies now y'all know where to go..

at least they got the ice block right..

 no comment.

 hair or food....#mega confused