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Sunday, 26 February 2012

International Marriage

I know a lot of people will disagree with my opinion about this issue but i will go ahead and give voice to my thoughts anyway...

I came across some photos on facebook,bb and even twitter sef...and i started to question "are these oyinbo people still safe?"...i know some of you would have seen the photos but for the sake of those who haven't i will gladly share...

Pic 1: pls my people look carefully at the first  picture....!!! What the heck??? that's almost his mum's mate if not his the way there's also a picture of him and the woman at MMairport set to leave the country(unfortunately i did not save that one but would keep an eye out for it again)..

Pic 2: they look like a real couple though..,nothing looks out of place
 but, the effect of the previous couple and so many more like the gives room for such thoughts that it's all a sham..

OK..let me ease on the first guy a bit, he might actually be in love with the woman (i don't believe so tho) but because of the previous stories we have heard about various people coupled with the naija mind...hmmm i shake my head..only God knows how many oyinbo and black hearts have been broken over these kinds of arrangement..

Sham marriages between Africans especially Nigerians and foreigners have put us under scrutiny by oyinbo people and also it has made every such union look like sham even if it's not..

Call for honesty; Every time you see a black and white couple especially the male being black ,whats the first thing that comes to your mind??