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Friday, 15 June 2012

For my friends at LASMOCOL UNITES..


I decided to write to you all because of my dissatisfaction with the conduct on the group page as regards to the post started by a member tagged "Confession time plzz". I have to say here that I have nothing against this post title in particular, further, I have to also state here that it was my first time on the LASMOCOL UNITES page.
However, I got there via a post I saw from one of the group moderators about a member's suspension and I got interested so I headed to the page to find out why and at the end I did not end up too pleased.

Firstly, I would like to remind us all that years have passed since we left secondary school and alot of changes would have come about in each one of us.
Secondly,we all have to realise that we all mature individually and our sense and idea of what maturity is varies greatly. For some of us our idea of maturity is being a university graduate,for some it's holding a PG while for others it's getting married and so on....
Going through the comments on the post( although I couldn't finish it was a whole lot..una try) it was evident how each person's idea of maturity was different yet unknowingly or otherwise some were trying to impose their ideas. This post in question asked something else and soon after individuals became topic. I am not trying to call names or point fingers.
Some started asking of others and I was seeing such replies as "she is married to an oyinbo now she has even added some flesh" and I want to ask ,how nice is that?
It went as far as where are the so-called "LaBabes"?,"hope they are married now?".....and I ask does this make sense to you?
Someone even went further to call another a bully back in the days...that is not nice!
Another went on to bring up news about someone he caught in sexual act and I was stunned to see some of us actually pleading for names like it would make the world a better place! A few even went on to find out via inbox messages ..and I choose to ask what has that changed?
My surprise grew when I actually realised some where actually pointing fingers and saying things like "O..I know the person who had the tendency to be loose"...surprisingly that last comment made me laugh...I rest my case but I would just say nothing is ever engraved on ones forehead.,I believe at this height of maturity everyone seems to be claiming,everyone should know that by now.
These comments continued till insults were sent to a father...not good and absolutely not allowed.
At this point of my reading the comments..,I thought little wonder one of the earlier comments said very few people respond to the group, I want to speak for myself by saying of course few people would because after all the maturity claims the stereotyping is non-stop!
More factually, alot of us are busy and are not ardent facebook users, we breeze in check for messages and get out;although some of us are still about the "stereotyping" being the reason for lack of activity on the group.So no one should take offence.

To the group admin..I quite disagreed with your response as per the suspension.Let's get real I have never used the group page till now and I do not think I missed a thing..You should have called for amicable settlement in the spirit of unity.( albeit this is just my opinion and mustn't inflect on your decisions)
To all, lets us move forward in the real spirit of unity as the group name LASMOCOL UNITES and have each others backs and quit the stereotyping.
Let us also remember ,some things are better left unsaid.

P>S Apologies for writing via blogger I am more comfortable with the interface..,anyone with spare time and love or patience for facebook can make a copy for the facebook interface with my permission so as to counter any thought of me doing this to boost my blog.Thanks.

In the spirit of unity and onward stride.
From your friend,