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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Packing and Pondering....

My awesome and faithful readers, before you start reading the body of this post I urge you to please ponder the stories sincerely and leave your comments without bias...

I was busy packing my bags for a quick trip to Naija yesterday when I decided to breeze through my facebook(something I do once a week or two), then I stumbled upon a video and a story on some of my friends walls..

The first story is a video by a British-Nigerian journalist who came to nigeria to interview our mega millionaire pastors...I met a lot of surprises and I beg you all to please patiently watch and then share your thoughts about this question " Should we still go about looking for churches to worship or simply make our hearts our place of worship?"
Here's the link pls I beg you watch...

The second is a story I have tagged "dead woman walking" unbelievable as the story might seem it is sincerely true. Some of you might have heard of the story but please still share your thoughts.

A 42 year old woman who has been married to her recently deceased husband got a shocker of her life at her husband's burial.
All through the marriage they tried to conceive but to no avail, so the husband being a "very" loving man stood by his wife solidly..
The woman is from a very rich background but the husband is just a civil servant.
In the course of the union, the woman acquired lots of properties in lands and buildings which her husband encouraged her to put the name of their unborn child on the documents of all the properties.
To the main part, on the day of the husband's burial, another woman claiming to be the man's wife showed up with 2 kids,the first being about 7years old..that's the bad part...
The worst part was her discovery that the 7year old child bears the exact supposed name of the unborn child!!!The name her husband chose for her unborn child..
Now, the husband's family are planning to give all the properties to the 7 year old...

Please don't be too shocked to leave your comments..

P.s I will bring goodies from naija for you all...
going home

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Live Fish or Dead???

Funny..,I woke up this morning and the first thing that came to my mind was my blog..and then I did a mental recap of my week and I started laughing to myself....*still laughing now sef..

As of this morning I made two perfect decisions

1. I will never ever think of specializing in Oncology
2. I will never buy fish from anyplace they have a fish tank except they give me a valid death certificate for the fish (yes!! na me talk am..)

My reasons;
For the Oncology people that course is too sad...ahhh (kilode!!!), that is my current rotation and people I haven't had fun for a teeny weeny second!
It mostly has to do with telling someone "you are dying soon" or "your tumor is gone for now but may be back anytime from now" ...
or if the person is lucky "your tumor is gone and may never come back" or "your tumor is benign and not malignant"

..and I said to myself capital NO ,I don't want to live my life delivering bad news approximately 50% of the time( thanks Oncology..I'm staying married to my choice surgery!!)

For the fish people I felt like eating fish so bad, I walked into a store that I could see clearly with my two two naked eyes that they had live fish tanks
(like my yoruba people oju mi korokoro) and I bought fish that my tired mind assumed were dead...!! yes ke!! dead..(who the heck walks into a store with a fish tank and assumes the fish is dead? well FYI ..I did!!)

Ok..lemmie go on..
I bounced home happily already imagining the tasty soup I was going to make with my fish.
So immediately i got home I dropped my bag at the door (as usual) and went straight to the kitchen picked out a large plastic bowl and ran water into it (yea I ran water into it...I should have just put the fish in the bowl without water first but no I ran water into the bowl..Swweet Jesus!!) and I turned the fish from the bag into the bowl of water...! Oh no It was chaos!!words can't describe just use your imagination, see fish jumping like dolphins from the bowl it was like I was in a horror movie...(lmao!) I ran from the kitchen called a friend who then called her boyfriend....who eventually took about 20mins to murder the was plain nasty!! blood splatter on my perfect kitchen wall..all the while the killing was going on I was stationed at the door of my apartment...and I was thinking to myself "how the heck did I think I was buying dead fish from a store with a fish tank?"