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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The flooding..

real funny
After hours of simply moping ,I decided to check out whats going on in Lagos cos the flooding issue has been up for a while now..instead of just reading only important stuff my talented fellow Nigerians found their comedian talents in the time of difficulty..I just could not help laughing at their funny status and comments ..
this no be laffing mata oo
I gathered some to share with you all and I hope it puts a sort of smile or laughter on your face cos some sure made me laugh uncontrollably ...enjoy!

row, row,wow ur boat
"Now payin for our sins,since we lagosians refuse to vote for umbrella,why are we complaining of flood?na to carry broom sweep join d paddle"

"Na wa for ds rain o. One Chair Man forgot to wind up his Nissan Armada Jeep at lekki, b4 e go wake for morning, 2 Kia Picantos don float enter back seat"

"Praisee the LORD!!! The LORD just gave me a new wet Infinity FX45 jeep!!! I was just coming out of my house and I saw the flood bringing in my blessing!!!Indeed it's a shower of blessing and its marvelous in my sight...the LORD will surprise some with duplexes, blackberries, shoes, umbrellas etc...position yourself...:D :) Eko o ni baje o!"

"BREAKING NEWS- Water level in Lagos is up 2 chest level. Pls has any 1 seen AKI & PAWPAW yet??:s"

"A married woman was found on another man's bed in a house 4 streets away from her home in Lagos. She claims it was the flood that carried her there!!!"

"well think am gonna take a vacation..where?f**k hawaii...naija here I come with ma surfing board on deck.yeeeeeeehaaaaa!!!"

"Rain has reshuffled Lagos, houses are being moved to new locations... Eko hotel now in Abule Egba, MM2 dey Orile, Kirikiri prison now in Oniru,Unilag now in ikorodu, Alausa Sectariat now in Badagry. Pls confirm ur office location before setting out today so u won't miss ur way. have a rainful week ahead ˚°º ossshhhhheeeeeeº°˚ ˚ ˚°º"

.....all i can say is Naija people we fit survive any which ways...

Cheers people!!


  1. u no go kill person you this girl, laughing when i read this, alost missed my barburka bus because of this, and you would have paid for the sprafka walai.will be checking here most def from time to time, safe. now following this blog

  2. OYO..thanks for dropping too ffing..

  3. Funny pix but some people lost their lives.... really sad

  4. @Seshe James..yea very unfortunate..i hope the lost souls make heaven and may God give their families the strength to pull thru these times..
    thanks for dropping by..pls do come again..cheers!!

  5. 9jas! we are a peculiar people!..hahahahahaaaaa

    p.s thanks for coming over

  6. lol @ this post. true, naija people can survive sha

  7. yes we can...thanks for coming over

  8. ...........omg!!! sCARY IN lagos...:=(


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