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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good day,Bad day


Day;Saturday, 21st of January 2012
Location:1. My flat
              2. Traumatology wing. Regional hospital


#Good:My outlook for today was very bright because I woke with a smile across my face. Reason It was the longest sleep I had in days past and it lasted a whooping 5hours!!
I got out of bed sluggishly ,made my way to the kitchen to set up baking things for a cake i would be taking to a group feasting later in the evening.

#Bad ; Burnt cake
I don't mean to brag but the very first cake I baked in my awesome life did not even get a crack on top not to mention getting burnt, but this morning put an end to my spree of never burnt cakes.
Now I need to stop at the store on my way back from the hospital to bake a new one..:'(

#Bad or Good? ; Trauma in Traumatology department
I got to the hospital pretty early shinning with confidence cos i was pretty sure I had enough in my cute head...that's the sweet part
Hello????Madam Dammy fall from that high cloud now!!!(*Dr House voice*)
I bounced heartily into my teacher's office, he smiled and told me to sit ,gave me a load of questions after which my brain started to hurt (my confidence was at 45% at the moment, if u get my drift). and just when i thought I was about to receive mercy from his claws, I heard "Room no 1, Patient 1, go prepare his case history" and in my head i'm thinking " what the heck it's saturday for heaven's sake can't you let me get to that on monday? " but outside my head I just nodded in compliance.
I get to the patient's room...empty!!!(horror..!! this would only keep me here longer!!)
I went to the corridor and took a seat, in a few minutes my teacher walked past and he said "why are you not with the patient?"
Me: He wasn't there( I was seriously hoping for "Ok you can get to it on Monday")
He turns toward the rooms and i automatically get up and follow him..,Lo and behold
the patient was lying there...If i were an "oyinbo" child I swear you could have seen me go pale because he turned around and looked at me like i was a joker and just walked out of the room.

The bright side; My patient a 25 year old driver and his pretty wife were awesome people..,they made me laugh all through the questioning and examination that time just flew by.

But I had another problem ,I couldn't figure what was really wrong with the guy so after about 2hours I went back to my teacher for some help which he offered some really unnecessary ones and his last statement to me was "It's your problem not mine.,go solve it!"

For the first time, I had tears of frustration with Medicine as a whole in my eyes...,I walked away from his office, put my things together and left for home telling myself I'll fix it later but not today...cos today I just want to try a new fruit..(my way of consoling myself)

#Bad; I get home ,open facebook and it's bad news everywhere..,bombings here and there. What happening to Nigeria. May God help us

I just have to go try that new fruit and I decided it's going to be a kiwi fruit..

Hows your day going?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new year..Ever smiling nigerians...

First i'll say a very happy new year to my beautiful fellow bloggers!!
May God's grace that has brought us this far never depart from us..Amen..

After spending all day lounging I decided to bake after that I thought of going through my Facebook page to see what my beloved friends were up to..,peeps what my eyes saw made me rage and at the same time gave me hope..that is my faith in my fellow Nigerians went up...and a prayer came to mind "May God in his infinite mercies always give us a reason to smile even in the worst situation..Amen"

Our leaders gave Nigerians a new year fuel price!
In my rage at the news..,some wonderful Nigerians still made a joke of the annoying situation and instead of me getting mad at their making a joke of such a dire situation I found myself smiling until laughter at some point..

See for yourself..
this guy his trying to fill his tank with pee..

...chained to my fuel my money even helps loose

...master Jesus turned water to wine..,lets try for fuel..

need i say more?

May God give us leaders with the welfare of the masses at heart..Amen

Thought; If only our leaders would slash their allowances and put into the subsidy..for heavens sake 1billion naira on food???? *smh*