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Monday, 25 July 2011

Naija skillz and things

First and foremost I have got to say "I LOVE NIGERIA" no one should bother being surprised cos i really do love my country..forget the dirty roads and poverty...

I have been in Naija for only a few days now and trust me I have had to become instant "Aje Pako"(street thorough bred) more than twice...(not that i am "butty" or anything oo)

I wanted to stop a cab..and maybe they thought i was dressed good my price had to be hiked...I kept hearing 5k...for what..a journey of less than 20mins...mscheeew!!  na so I just change my voice to the local one and magically I paid 1k...(somebody tell me i got skillz please)
Nepa (or the so called PHCN) have been quite nice though...but once the light goes off the heartache starts..the noise from hundreds of generators won't give you peace..

My grandmom hasn't been to easy either..
She feeds me 3breakfasts....,2 lunches and minimum of 4dinners...(right now I am screaming help!!! I need a live-in fitness instructor)

My nieces haven't been easy either...I have been screaming and yelling all day (one is 5 and the other is four)...those girls are terrorists..(but not osama trained oo)..

..ok..time for dinner no 2...gotta go before my grandma yells again..
PS..she has been enjoying facebooking ,tweeting and going around blogsville with me..who know maybe she'll start her own blog...promise me you'll follow

cheers people..


  1. LOL! Your Grandma sounds like mine! Correct with the taxi hehehe

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  2. Awww...sounds like fun!!!

    Lol will sure to follow granny!

  3. haha sound like you are having a blast

  4. LOL you made me laugh so hard with your grandma's gist. I hope you don't blow up.
    Just saw your follow tab now, I might as well just follow. Makes stalking you a lot easier :)

  5. Lol at following your grandma. Good to know you are having a nice time here. And yes, we love to hike prices for foreigners like you. Spend this money jooo

  6. Hahahaha! @ your grandma. Typical!
    I need lessons in street language so next time I'm there I can do as you did. LOL!
    Enjoy yourself jare!

  7. We could definitely do with a grandma blog in naija blogviile. It would be unique and kinda cool.

  8. @muse origins..yes oo.i got skillz..

    @blessing..thank you..grandma says thanks

    @ms. yellow sisi...i am flexing tight

    @msjb...i have added weight ooo..i am running away soon..thanks for the follow

    @ilola....take your time oo *baby voice*...i am naija pikin oo..standard my grams oo..will keep you

    @msbuki...don't worry..i'll be ur knw wen u in naija...lolz..but u have to get the "fone" out of ur voice

    @adura ojo...i will def tell her that..thanks for coming over

    Everybody...thanks for coming over..will tell my grams she has fans already..


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