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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Versatile bloggers!!!

Okay...I haven't been feeling much love towards my blog these days....maybe mostly cos I'm tired after my usually busy day..(sometimes even busy nights!!!...not what you are thinking ooo) or I simply lost the initial gingah....anyways my blog has been suffering...

...but today I feel refreshed cos it's like...thank God someone has my blog in mind..I got tagged by coy introvert as a newly discovered blog as a versatile blogger..hooray!!! ( visit her blog via the link..its awesome there..)

Now to the responsibilities that comes with this award..;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post..
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

Coy Introvert ...I salute...thanks for remembering me..much

Arrrghhh...7 things..

1. I love shoes...yep i do...I'll do anything for a gorgeous pair even if i won't wear it more than father even calls me octopus cos he says i buy shoes like i have more than two feet...(what a wise man!!..xx)

2. I love order...yes everything has to be "spic and span"....if you scatter something around't try

3. I hate cockroaches...I almost jumped off a two storey cos one was after me...#fact...(my father had the whole house fumigated after that...and has become a tradition since to fumigate)

4. I love music...not the "pakurumo pakurumo" type sha ooo...when i say music ..i mean music something from Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, you know the likes of them(not like i don't listen to party jamz ooo..ehn ehn..before you tag me a dulling..)

5. I play the guitar intermediate and the keyboard beginner......i also read sheet music intermediate..

6. I never leave home without a pen or pencil and a jotter in my bag on a work day...if i do, something just feels awfully wrong!

7. I have NEVER used a phone more than a year...or lets say 10 months..if i try to its as if the phone itself gets a hint and begins to malfunction...i still don't understand why...

pheeew!!! 7 and done..

Passing on in no particular order:

s and s
madame sting
seriously doughnuts
septavalent stone
sweetly broken
seshe james

yea DONE!!!..>
p.s before any old blogger i tagged decides to have my head for tagging them in newly discovered blog..let me explain myself..i tagged you cos ur blog is new to me not because you are new to blogsville...

Thank for reading people....xxxx