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Monday, 19 January 2015

How to revive a dead blog??

Hello fam!

My last post was almost a year ago...
When I wrote that , one very sharp person said hope I wouldn't take another one year to be back.. At that time I thought "Naah, can't be" but look she needs to pick up her fortune telling career because I dey tell you she go sell well well.
 Ladies and gentlemen with a round of applause help me welcome the one and only Lara of gene Afrique.!! *claps... my new official fortune teller..

Back to the matter.,my apologies to this page that allows me write things that I like .. Forgive me blog for this severe abandonment syndrome! 

I've tried to get my life back to how it used to be, ..but loosing my dad.. Hmm it hasn't been the same... Ok don't go "aww" it's been over a year so don't start rubbing my back saying "Pele"...
Sincerely it still feels like yesterday.., he was a huge chunk of my life and boy oh boy do people ever forget?? Personally, I don't think so or maybe I'll still find out,because not a single day has passed without him crossing my mind atleast 5times!!! I miss him everyday!

In the wake of that.., I ate myself to oblivion, oh yes I'm an emotional eater plus the stress of working in yeye government hospital in the mega city of Lagos..biko, I added a bucket load of 13kg in approx 14months .. Yes from a nice 68kg to a whooping 81kg ! yes..  yes , please clap for me nau!! πŸ˜„

You can go ahead and call me onijekuje ( a person who eats with no control in yoruba)... Lol

Not once in my life have I suffered from lack of self confidence until recently when everywhere I go people who know me look at me like Micheal Jackson saying orisirisi ... I bet you know the kinds of statements , diet and fitness principles that the self made dieticians will  throw at me , just because baba God has buttered their bread and I'm now fatter than them...diaris God oo!!
Please, I am a whole 5ft9, I am allowed! #denial....But these children of Adam and Eve are getting to me too much.." Ahh is it because of holiday you went and added all this weight.. Ogaooo, are you pregnant?" Kilode make una free me abeg.. 

So, my new mission "operation shed the excess pounds"!! Who cares to join me?
Ring the alarm., we are going to have goals, target, objectives and maybe a lifelong friendship to keep ourselves in check or atleast keep me in checkπŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

Interested people., please gather. A moderator will be needed , people with ideas and people like me who just want to tag along to loose weight and keep fit!!

Reach me by email or comments..

Biko forgive me if typos plenty ... In a rush.. My fellow Nigerians are waiting..
keeping people waiting to blog? Yes and no, so bite me...that's what nigeria turns you into..

Good news: my new niece..I leave you with her cuteness

Cheers people!