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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Archaeologist??? what would ur MOM say..

After I gave myself a full sleep in yesterday..I worked hard at getting up this morning so I could get to the Regional Pediatrics hospital where I had  a rotation...(of cuss I went in pretty late)

Trust me I was simply expecting to lounge around (don't think i'm lazy sha oo...) but unfortunately the dude in charge (i'll call him Dr. Pee) was in charge of my group for a day before and trust me we didn't really like him..yea he is nice and all that but hey this guy like oversabi...chei!!

So bam!! we began..thank God we had to see only 3 children within the early 3hours...and one of then is the reason for this post...

I'll call him Stone(inspired by his future is 14 and he has an acute case of Atopic Dermatitis (it's nothing too serious)..
While I was gathering complaints and history from him I asked what he wanted to become in the future and he said Archaeologist!!! that moment my eyebrow flew up otherwise I was composed..,the I turned to my colleagues  J.O.J and Sammypels and my face was asking the question WHAAAT???(i am sure they were asking me the same question silently)


I am not blaming the kid or anything but the Naija spirit in me was thinking "what would a regular naija mom have said to her kid that wants to become an archaeologist..??" I think the first question (if it were to be my Mom) would be "Kini itumo iyen??" (as in "What does that mean?")...

Stone is only 14 and he has been exposed to enough adventures,experiences and unopposed curiosity and creativity which already put him in the position to be sure he wants to be an Archaeologist at a young age..for crying out loud he is already attending such camp adventures already!!..(how sooo nice..)

The Naija pikin..let your Mom catch you playing with stones or digging around the garden or roadside in curiosity..(you go hear am)..

But on a more serious note,
I advocate letting the kids decide and encourage parents to allow their kids satisfy their curiosity cos it might go a long way shaping the kids future which ensures their devotion to what they do when they eventually become adults...

But, be sincere what would your Mom say if you sincerely told her you wanted to become an Archaeologist..(no lie
I await your honest replies,..



  1. .....i would be taken for prayer sessions believing the enemy was at work! ..LAUGHING...but really??? an archeologist??? when there is DOKITA, BARRISTER, BANKER,,,,,,don't forget POLITRICKING????...n-o-w-a-y!!....joke apart, i like the profession, enjoy watching documentaries on finds.

  2. I don't think my mum would say anything now sha. Mentality of parents are changing because the future can not be predicted.

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  3. Thanks for visiting me pple..i really do appreciate..
    @Ibhade...lool at prayer session

    @ilola..of course everyone is changing even if most times not fully but we just accept and keep telling ourselves "the world is changing"..checking ur blog too..cheers!!

  4. she would ask where they work and then say if that's truly what you want go ahead

  5. My nephew used to say he wanted to be a vulcaniser when he was 8. Guess the name sounded more exotic than 'doctor' or 'lawyer'.
    His parents were amused. very amused.

    Thanks so much for helping me fill out my form! I apologise for its length. pele o. Collect healing for your typing fingers ;)

  6. Thanks for coming over...
    ..for ur survey twas long but believe me I really enjoyed filling it plus i had to start over when i was on the 3rd page cos my server crashed but since i actually enjoyed it I started over till the end.. I prayed for the project..and I recoeve the healing oo..cheers

  7. mmm
    as a parent one has to walk the fine line between encouraging a child's interests AND giving the child a reality check when it is needed. Not easy.

    If my kids say they want to be archaeologists, I would encourage them because I believe they'll get more support and recognition over here. If I am honest, I dont think I'd be so relaxed if I were in Nigeria

  8. aww thats an ambitious child

    my parents would first be like "what is that?" and then we will go on a prayer sesaion followed with me doing research for like months with every little details money, locations etc and then ask again "...And you want to be that?"

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following really appreciate it

  9. @N.I.L u just stated a fact..if it was in naija i would av been so worried for the kid oo
    @yellow sisi....u welcome
    lol at the prayer session thingy just like @ibhade said...
    ..thanks for coming over too..

  10. I agree with you!

    Ha ha, my mom would first ask what an archaeologist was....and then cry and call all her friends to talk to me, lol...naija parents sha!

  11. Hhahahah! funny enough, my folks won't be freaked (maybe my grandma will though).

    Nice funny post lol

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  12. Thanks for dropping by @muse origins..

    buh my grandma won't be freaked sha oo cos she'll belive wateva i tell her abt the

  13. You're funny but sincerely speaking my mom won't have a problem; because she believes or thinks that "I'm smart enough to know what I want and what I can do/accomplish." But her opinion will definitely change if it were one of my older siblings.

  14. Just reading your blog for the first time and i am hooked. I WAS one of those kids who actually filled in Archaeology /History on my JAMB form as 1st Choice for Ife Uni. I did this without my parents knowledge cos i just knew they would not approve. My coz told them about it after closing date but somehow another form was filled in on my behalf with Accounting as first choice!!!!


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