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Thursday, 28 July 2011

My eyes have seen...

Ah my Nigerians have got skills...ah! I'm impressed and laughing at the whole idea....

The Idea:

My nieces put up this nusery rhymes DVD and my attention was caught when I realised it was made by a 6year old nigerian child..I felt impressed and was like wow..finally nigerians are waking up..(why should we keep buying rhymes DVD made by "oyinbo" (foreign) kids...
so I decided to sit tight and watch so I could give a rating..

My people what my eyes fingers cannot type everything..My God!!I saw kids dancing alanta and yahooze to "twinkle twinkle little star"....( I am not lying believe me)
The most painful one..when they were singing "3 blind mice" they had three healthy children running and some jobless adults sweeping and some holding dust pans and sweeping brushes like LASTMA(those that clean the roads)....It was an eyesore..but I had fun watching and laughing all the way....

They were even dancing cultural dance to the rhymes..I rest my case..
The comedy was 10 on 10 people...a must watch for a really good laugh..

Cheers people..


  1. should find a way to post this video on your blog

    Hope you are enjoying Naija...I'm soooo jealous.
    Suya, goat meat, akara, puff puff, moi-moi....*salivating*

  2. lol. I can imagine. But pls like N.I.L said, if you can post it, it will be better than imagining

  3. Loool, I can imagine the surprise that must have plastered your face

  4. Hahaha!!!! LOL!!! I would so love to see that. I doubt they intended for it to be a comedy though lol!

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  5. @ all it was seriously hilarious...and I have been to upload the clip but it's proving a lot of stubborn kids in the clip..
    i'll keep tryin..but the clip long sha ooo..but i'll try break it up..
    thanks for coming over all..

  6. LOL can't wait to see it. I can already imagine the hilarity of it!

  7. lol..Its only in Naija you see that kin tyn

  8. LOL...literally! That would be a funny video to watch...I'm sure it would make my made. Hehe. Well...cheers to them for giving it a try sha. Practice makes perfect...right? :)

  9. u know if that video is on youtube? I will def. like to see it...cultural dance to twinkle twinkle little stars? oh the hilarity!


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