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Monday, 17 December 2012

The "gods" of medicine

"I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement................."
( excerpt from Hippocratic oath)

The "gods" of medicine smiled upon me these past weeks..,before I proceed I am not an atheist or agnostic or whatever silly terminology all these unbelievers have coined, but my religious orientation is "twisted" anyways.

To my story, these past weeks, I have been blessed with the best mentor ..for that I thank God and those other "wannabe" gods of medicine..

My current rotation is Internal Medicine sub Gastroenterology.
I ended sub Hematology last week and ohh the patients were super cool, annoying, nice...(please help me conjure up a sea of mixed emotions)..,.

Imagine you are on rounds with the oga patapata(the overall boss) and when it's your turn to present your patient, you try to touch the patient and he lets out this shrill,earth-shattering kind of yell that had everyone in the room looking like what the heck is going on? and then he bursts out laughing saying "got ya!" ... In my mind I was thinking my oh my these oyinbo people have gorrit going good ooo!! you try that with a nigerian dokita in Nigeria? with the oga patapata.....hahahahha...I laff in comment.

Another patient maybe cos he see say I be black person and he is half-caste so he decided to mess around.
Me: tell me what your complaints are?
Patient: I'm hearing voices in my head
In my mind i'm like O_o I have to go and tell the prof there's some patient mix up..,this guy should be in psyche ward before this guy jumps and grabs someone, outwardly ehn see me forming composure but inside I was taking steps backward thinking home is far ooo..,I still wan see my granny...abeg ooo.
The next instant the patient started laughing hysterically..,my first reaction was to take-off but then I looked closely and I caught the joke..,Can you imagine..?This 21 year old pikin was using me to catch trips ni oo...Choi!! I was thinking in my mind "if to say na naija we dey ehn>>I for first chase am comot for my front..but being in obodo oyinbo I had to smile and proceed.

I had another patient who has been a doctor about 10 years above my level....hahahaha...even you can conjure up a mental picture of what must have transpired...*kmt....I felt like knocking the man more than half the time.
 Anyone who is in Medicine would agree with me that you know you have a problem when your patient is a doctor...Oh it's always a big issue.
They refuse examinations, techniques, surgical just name it....they argue everything...arrrggggh...#toomuchtrouble.

All in week has been super..
P.s: what's popping for Christmas oo??...send me invites to your Christmas parties abeg!! *heheehhehee. #mogbomoya (only the yoruba speaking people will get the hashtag part...i no know how to translate am>>no vex)

Cheers people!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

100% Mum's Day!!

My mommy is a year older today!!

My dearest mom,
 I just want to wish you a wonderful day..,there isn't much I can say or ever do that can adequately express my love and gratitude.
 A gem and a superwoman ..,ever working ,ever ready ,ever sure.
The only person in the world who calls me "Dee" .
The only person who tells me sorry and apologizes even when I am point blank capital letters WRONG...
The mother who "got" me a younger brother just cos I wanted one....

I really can't say much.

Everyone says their mom is the best in the world so I won't repeat the cliche..,I would just say you are my mom and I won't have it any other way if I had an offer.
I wouldn't trade you for anything.

May you live long to reap the fruits of your labour of love.

p.s: Mom i still haven't forgiven you for not being the one who picked out my first bra sha oo..
you know I always refer to that issue atleast once a year even if it happened donkey years ago>>>*smiles
...and Mom pls stop calling me "child" I'm old now jor...*wide grin...I know you will call me when you see this and still repeat that "child" just to rub it in...I know

Lots of love momma!
From your dearest pikin..


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Those who "DO" and those who "DON'T"

Hello people!!
I have been MIA and y'all know why ..,but now Surgery rotation is over!!>>(although it's just for now)

Back to my header...,alot of drama goes on around me on a daily basis and I'm sure most or all of us can identify with the issue. It's like battle of wills and one wants to win everytime infact it's not about winning ..,it's more about shoving one's preference down the opposing party's throat! Yes that's how I see it.

It's about battles between 2 groups of people .,those who Do and those who Don't!


#1. The "ammonium thioglycate"/ alkaline junkie(relaxer)/weave-on = the fake hair VS the "natural hair" woman.
 First, let me start by saying I do not like this argument one bit! In "MY" experience the "natural hair" woman is the first to start the drama and the questions sort of go like this "why are you not being natural?..,must you do everything to look like the white-man?...are you saying God didn't know what he was doing when he created you with natural afro hair...? The barrage of question format is endless...I met a deeper life person who said to me that one of my friends who is(was) a deeper life church member that relaxed her hair needs deliverance..! I didn't reply her because I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I was afraid I was going to say something really extreme...but in my mind I was like..."oh God..! I didn't just hear that right!!" like SERIOUSLY...deliverance, relaxer? what do they have in common..,please whoever knows should kindly explain it to me...cos my I.Q seems like it's not enough to help me figure that out!

 I have a full head of un-relaxed hair( some of us know when I transitioned) and above it I have a full stitched on brazillian weave...,what does that make me ?"hair hermaphrodite" ?
I wear my natural hair out when I feel like it and slap a weave on when I feel like it...! Big deal ,I ask?
Please my natural people stop trying to attach too much to the relaxed/weave wearing female. I understand that being people of colour our race has been oppressed for as long as history and we are trying to "prove" we are comfortable in our own skin but the hair is not the solution or the cause of the problem and please stop playing that "natural woman" card when you still apply coloured lipstick, eye pencils, mascaras the list is love your hair the way it is..,tell people how much you love it instead of making it into a deliverance sermon ,maybe they'll love the way you style your hair well enough to copy you sometime..but for now please leave behind the drama.
I have a new natural hair convert in my sister who said she was going to tie me to the bed-post if she had to and relax my hair..,but guess what ? I made a deal with her..,I told her to let me show her what I can do with my hair...after a few days she was on my me she is not an easy one to convince because of her super strong ties to the popular fashion culture but she had to agree with me!! No force or deliverance involved!! 

My relaxer junkies/ fake hair people: the next time I catch you calling a natural woman names ehn!>>well there's really nothing I can do! But, like your weave and you chemicals that doesn't mean the other person is born-again,SU,deeper,scruffy and all sorts of name they get called...Infact when i wear my styled natural me I look nothing like all the names i listed above you can ask my sister!
Stick with your fake hair and chemicals and stop the name calling!! Maybe just one day they'll like the weaves enough to try it..well who knows?

For "we" the "in-betweeners".... What more could anyone ask for..? Life is good..point blank.,period!!

cheers people!

P>S I want to add the "captcha" to my comment box!! please don't let it discourage you from adding your comments...please!! *puppy eyes
I have been getting too many spam comments that's why.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

LOL + Greetings!!

Holla Blog fam!! It's been awhile and I know y'all missed me ( don't form>>you did jor!>>*winks) .

I'm currently on Surgery rotation *pheew!! ....the rotation is a bulldog..!

Long hours in surgery on my feet...I can't explain the feeling>>my back so numb and my legs feel like jelly as I walk out of the OP room...i'll spare you all the explicit details...

Today I saw a "Pheochromocytoma" and an "Adrenal gland" with my two eyes( now..,follow the link and read a little....join me on the Surgery rotation! *smiles) viewing screen at all...with my two eyes!!...but I sulked through the whole surgery but once the tumor came out...i was joyous and energized maybe cos I knew I would leave the OP soon or cos I saw the tumor for the first time ...I'm not sure ooo.

I'll be on the rotation for a month!!....beam your prayers my way for extra leg strength so I don't pass out like I did on one of the past surgery rotations..If you don't remember the event ,go HERE.

>>now the LOL part of this post: these pictures were sent to me by my sister and they lifted my spirit after a long tiring day...
ok,,, no idea what she's doing!..;)

I ask the by force??!! LMAO!

i baked myself this treat to calm me down....looks yum right? yea, I know!

Hope to be back with some fun jist from Surgery department....I have to disappear for a bit again , i said it before surgery is a bulldog! 

Cheers people!!

Thought: Choices are not options given to us..,choices are the decisions made by us...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How I spent Oct 1st

I had a wonderful day baking for a little celebration we had here....! Trust me I love Nigeria that much>>>hehehe..

The first cake fell as I was getting it out the oven but nooo! the devil is a liar!
I started over and came out with two lovely cakes...

I'm no pro and didn't learn to bake from no one but I give myself a proud pat on the back cos my cake is sought after...*wink!
sorry you have to work your neck muscles on this one

See pictures below and tell me what y'all think!

Cheers people...and happy Independence!
Independence from who or what??...#justsaying

cheers people!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FITNESS: Greetings from Cardiology!!

Hello people!
I just completed this month's rotation in Cardiology department and phew!! It was a whirlwind.! I totally loved it..maybe because I was rocking it with a man (my teacher ni that I would love to give the title of "Cardio God".

I learnt a whole lot and my scope in Cardiology is broader...thanks to Cardio God.

I brought a real good moment with a patient...enjoy!

Doctor ; How often do you drink alcohol?
Patient ; Everyday more than 2 litres.

Doctor: it's unhealthy for you and it has gone a long way to endanger the health of your heart and general well-being.
Patient: well what can i do? I heard somewhere that daily intake of alcohol is good.

Doctor: (smiles) well,yes but the alcohol we are referring to is wine and it should be about 200ml per day not 2litres.
Patient: (with a serious look on his face) 200ml is too little for one day! what if i stay off alcohol all week till one day on weekends and drink the total for the alcohol free days at once?

hehehehehe....I fought so hard to stifle threatening loud laughter waiting to explode out my chest.. and managed a small teeny weeny smile because cardio god's eyes were on us all..

A message from Cardio God: The tortoise's heart rate is about 6 beats per minute while that of a rat is above 200 beats per minute. The life span of a tortoise is above 200years while that of a rat is about 2years.
Moral of the story, care for your heart! The ways to do so, eat healthy and wisely..,exercise regularly but don't overdo it!

Fact: If you are fit your heart rate would be lower than a non-exercising individual's heart rate..,that's why athletes generally have lower heart rates about 40-60bpm!!
Normal Heart Rate: 60-100bpm.

How to check your heart rate: If you have an automatic sphygmomanometer(forget the big word..,its just the stuff that goes around the arm or wrist to check blood pressure) good for you! You get to check your blood pressure and heart rate at a go...,but if not or just in case you don't have access to one and you need to check your heart rate at rest or during physical exercise, the touch method still is the way! No need for extra baggage all you need is a watch or timer with seconds counting!
Just locate your pulse on your wrist..,turn one palm facing upward and apply slight pressure to the outer 1/3 of your wrist..,do you feel it?? yep ! yep! that's your pulse..,just count for 15seconds and multiply by 4..,whatever the figure is your heart rate! Bet you have seen that done in tons of movies..

Or you can go for checking at you neck!Locate your pulse just at the corner of the lower jaw(see picture) just count and multiply as above..

Do this well and you can audition for a role in "House M.D" pity the series has ended,,,*smiles

Note: heart rate less than 60 without any form of PROLONGED athletic fitness and accompanied by symptoms like weakness,dizziness and fainting is NOT normal..! contact your doctor immediately oo!
Before you will say it's DammyJewel's blog that said it is normal to have heart rate of 0.5bpm..(LOL)

Eat well ...,Be active!!

cheers people..!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

FEMININO: How often do you check?

It's been a while I posted on the label FEMININO and it makes me feel negligent.
The reason I opened the page is to pass some information across which to those who already know it will serve as a reminder and to those who don't it becomes a source.

So, some might wonder "how often do you check what?".

What = Breasts!


I have stumbled upon a few more cases of breast cancer online these past weeks and most of the cases were pretty advanced! It made me wonder, what if they had checked more often?
Don't get me wrong I am not implying that checking regularly will prevent the cancer from developing but it sure would aid early detection! Early detection means better prognosis.

Key points:

Q: When is the best time to perform the breast self-exam?
A: it is best to check halfway through your menstrual cycle(anytime from the end of the menses is fine)..,because most female tumors are hormone dependent.,,,,have you ever wondered why your breasts feel fuller when you are expecting your period? It's pretty much the same way any abnormal growth inside will most likely increase in size around that same period! 

Q: How to perform the breast exam?
A:  M-B-S....Mirror, Bed, Shower!
 Start in front of a mirror: Study the shape,size,drape,skin color and symmetry of your breast carefully first with both arms hanging loosely on your sides, then move your hands to your waist and then clasp them behind your head...all the while studying your breast carefully.

Next starting from the middle with one hand still behind the head make small circular motions on the breast with the free hand from bottom to the other side..,paying attention to any swelling visible or felt in the armpit area. Switch hand and repeat. The breast should feel uniform without abnormal bumps.

After the both breast have been checked slightly press each nipple between thumb and fore-finger..In  norm there should be no discharge with exception to lactation.

To the Bed: Same movements only with change of body position..,lie back with a pillow beneath your head and shoulders..,repeat the hand motion as above on each breast.

In the Shower: The importance of this part is the ease of hand movement due to the extra slipperiness given by soap.., so make sure you have enough lather..,then repeat the hand motion on each breast.

Finito! You are done.

Take note of all your findings..,if you sense anything off..,contact you gynecologist immediately!
Once every month, approximately 15 minutes of your time could be a life-saver and an opportunity to know your body more!

P.s: For those who are not confident they are doing the exam right ,ask your gynecologist to directly teach you on your next appointment, also when you are there you could ask for the breast self exam cards..,they are tiny cards with pictures and step by step instructions on how to perform the exam..,get one of those and give it a place on your bathroom mirror!

Be health conscious, be body conscious, be wise...
Know your body!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

50 shades

I got so bored on this holiday, that I keep telling myself I should have just gone on hospital training...,so so bored that I was scouting for things to keep me busy...
So, I finally decided to join the train of people who have read the 50 shades series to really look into what the madness was about.

I also heard 3 out of 5people have read the real wah ooo..

I eventually gave in to the pressure and decided to read the book 'cos after watching my sister read the book holding on to it with one hand and brushing her teeth with the other....and listening to my cousin ramble on about the book for over an hour...Ok that's it ! I have to see for myself..

The book is in 3 parts..yes three parts
1. 50 shades of Grey.
2. 50 shades darker.
3. 50 shades freed.

I have gone through part 1 and 2 and it took me 2days....! I told you i was jobless didn't I?

...but I am not to  excited about the third part, forgive me those who loved the book.
I agree it had some good moments but the storyline was too redundant and I feel like the story could have been compiled in two volumes instead of three and the constant thing in the book and maybe the major reason most people were hooked on the book is the explicit erotica details....Oh my the book glorified BDSM like it was the best ever thing in the world! Every 2 pages or so there had to be some sexual moment in great detail...,when i mean great I mean GREAT details...argggh! no be small thing at all ooo! The details were explicit enough to feel like you are actually in a classroom with a very competent teacher...I had to open google to view almost all the "equipments" described in the book!
At some point to be sincere I was annoyed..,the only thing that kept me flicking the pages was the fact that the hero was a 27year old mega millionaire with a 21 year old damsel who he kept showering with gifts enough to keep a girl's mind running.!

Not so great a read so far..,in my own opinion but not too bad at the same time.
If you are looking for a great story with excellent penmanship, this book is not for you but if you are looking for a story with a course on sexual dominance 101 the book is the way to go!

Have you read the book? If yes let me know what you think.

cheers people!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lend a hand

I know this has been on a number of blogs way bigger than this ..,but who knows who may not have stumbled upon this post yet..


"Help is needed for our friend Funmilayo Lawal (On DP), UniLag Law Graduate 2011. She was recently diagnosed with MALIGNANT SARCOMA, a kind of malignant cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive that it might affect other parts of the body if a surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could cost her not just her hand but her life. Please help!

The doctors here advice she go abroad 2 have this surgery within 4weeks; it will cost $15000 (4 Million Naira). PLEASE HELP SAVE FUNMI'S LIFE.

Please send your help to her Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Account:
She can be contacted on 08096617172.

You could also help Fummi by publishing this message on Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, Linkedin, anywhere and everywhere. Sacrifice 5 mins to tell a friend about Fummi today, tomorrow, the day after, till when Fummi gets well; don't stop. Thanks for the anticipated help."

Please note ,the words in quote are not mine.

In my own personal plea..,please lets lend a hand with any amount we can.
May the Almighty replenish all as they do so and may the Almighty also bless those who want to but can not.
One thing I am sure of is we can all send in our prayers..,money is not needed for that.
A second could make a difference.
Thank you and God bless.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Photos speak..

It gets more difficult by the minute trying to defend my country.., my dear beloved Nigeria when these foreigners ask about Boko Haram ,Goodluck Jonathan and Dame Patience, and our politics.
It gets worse when a foreigner sends you one of the pictures you see below..

Have a good laugh and get angry too

 well they still had helmets on...

 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed if not call customer care...

 is this part of road safety job description??

 sell me your votes for a cup of rice...I wonder if Obama did the same when he was in the senate..

 ok ladies now y'all know where to go..

at least they got the ice block right..

 no comment.

 hair or food....#mega confused

Monday, 16 July 2012

Money excess..

Hi people..,
I feel like a clown as I write this post...cos I still am laughing at myself...*side hurts.

I was in my home "jejely" and troubling nobody when I decided to check my account balance online cos I was expecting some money ...I opened the e-banking page and still no signs of transaction....mildly vexing I picked up my phone and called my momma straight up forming the angry voice "Mom you haven't transferred the money" and she goes "oh pele oko mi(sorry my dear), I would send it in a few hours".....and you know the drill I just switched to "Thanks mom..,you are the very best" and she hung up saying "check your account in about an hour"

1 hour later.

I bounce steadily to my PC...check my account and BOOM my account showed a new credit of 20,000 dollars!!....yeepa! Momma I am not trying to pay any fees oo plus I am just on holiday and it's not like my account was totally empty prior to this time which she knows full well...I was doing somersaults in my brain!
Momma has the habit of going overboard when she wants to apologize but this is more than double...or maybe she and dad wanted to do a combo surprise cos I was also waiting on the daddy portion.
...I was joyous but puzzled so I decided to check my other account because I run two accounts with GTBank Nigeria ,one in USD and the other in Nigerian Naira.
..and then again BOOM 2M naira!!!.... you can pick up your jaws from the floor and put your eyes back in their sockets and let's move on..
The 2M naira part was a joke....*hehehehehe (ouch don't hit me..,)

..and then I remembered I was expecting a deposit on my naira account from someone and it must have mistakenly be credited to the Dollars account.....

mmmmmmscheeeeew! was the next thing..
I got someone in Nigeria to reach GTBank to rectify the error...

But then again..,*ring ring* and the following conversation ensued.

Momma: Hello

Me: Hello..,1 hour has passed and where is my money?


Friday, 6 July 2012

How did I get here...

This is about to be my most off-road post  so far...! I am at that point were I am about to get on the rooftop and just yell on top on my voice like "arggggggggggh"...these past weeks have been something else..

I have been seeing this particular advert for so long but a few days ago it hit me differently...I bet someone might have seen these adverts where the concept is sort of like following a toddler till adulthood, the child might love playing with a ball and then it ends when he is a star footballer....example is the Kanu Nwankwo version "papilo I know say one day you go make us proud".....I bet we all remember that one....

So why did this advert get to me,,,? 'cos i don't know how I got here..! Running around hallways all day with a special uniform and sometimes with a stethoscope in my pocket...and the books? Oh Lord!,,... My God I never toyed with needles or scalpels or toy stethoscopes or beg my parents for ginormous textbooks when I was little and look where I am.! How na?!

I remember at some point I wanted to go into aeronautic engineering but now I am in medicine for Heaven's sake!!...Don't get it twisted I love what I do but at times I just think maybe I should have chosen something less arrrggggh..I don't even have the right word.

I think everyone gets to this point at some point. Am I making any sense??

In short I should just sleep right now cos its past 6am already...

Cheers people!

Friday, 15 June 2012

For my friends at LASMOCOL UNITES..


I decided to write to you all because of my dissatisfaction with the conduct on the group page as regards to the post started by a member tagged "Confession time plzz". I have to say here that I have nothing against this post title in particular, further, I have to also state here that it was my first time on the LASMOCOL UNITES page.
However, I got there via a post I saw from one of the group moderators about a member's suspension and I got interested so I headed to the page to find out why and at the end I did not end up too pleased.

Firstly, I would like to remind us all that years have passed since we left secondary school and alot of changes would have come about in each one of us.
Secondly,we all have to realise that we all mature individually and our sense and idea of what maturity is varies greatly. For some of us our idea of maturity is being a university graduate,for some it's holding a PG while for others it's getting married and so on....
Going through the comments on the post( although I couldn't finish it was a whole lot..una try) it was evident how each person's idea of maturity was different yet unknowingly or otherwise some were trying to impose their ideas. This post in question asked something else and soon after individuals became topic. I am not trying to call names or point fingers.
Some started asking of others and I was seeing such replies as "she is married to an oyinbo now she has even added some flesh" and I want to ask ,how nice is that?
It went as far as where are the so-called "LaBabes"?,"hope they are married now?".....and I ask does this make sense to you?
Someone even went further to call another a bully back in the days...that is not nice!
Another went on to bring up news about someone he caught in sexual act and I was stunned to see some of us actually pleading for names like it would make the world a better place! A few even went on to find out via inbox messages ..and I choose to ask what has that changed?
My surprise grew when I actually realised some where actually pointing fingers and saying things like "O..I know the person who had the tendency to be loose"...surprisingly that last comment made me laugh...I rest my case but I would just say nothing is ever engraved on ones forehead.,I believe at this height of maturity everyone seems to be claiming,everyone should know that by now.
These comments continued till insults were sent to a father...not good and absolutely not allowed.
At this point of my reading the comments..,I thought little wonder one of the earlier comments said very few people respond to the group, I want to speak for myself by saying of course few people would because after all the maturity claims the stereotyping is non-stop!
More factually, alot of us are busy and are not ardent facebook users, we breeze in check for messages and get out;although some of us are still about the "stereotyping" being the reason for lack of activity on the group.So no one should take offence.

To the group admin..I quite disagreed with your response as per the suspension.Let's get real I have never used the group page till now and I do not think I missed a thing..You should have called for amicable settlement in the spirit of unity.( albeit this is just my opinion and mustn't inflect on your decisions)
To all, lets us move forward in the real spirit of unity as the group name LASMOCOL UNITES and have each others backs and quit the stereotyping.
Let us also remember ,some things are better left unsaid.

P>S Apologies for writing via blogger I am more comfortable with the interface..,anyone with spare time and love or patience for facebook can make a copy for the facebook interface with my permission so as to counter any thought of me doing this to boost my blog.Thanks.

In the spirit of unity and onward stride.
From your friend,

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A year gone by..

So, my dear readers "JOURNAL OF A NAIJA BABE" is a year old today!!!!


That means the baby babbles are clearer and the baby is beginning to walk...
Today I choose to remember my first comment and my first member "NAIJAMUM IN LONDON". I am pretty sure most of us know who she is and I can say she was the first on some other blogs too..,the first comment which she wrote kept me here on blogsville( thanks N.I.L) and today I am a proud blogger to 54 member readers! I know some people think 54? I say yes 54! and I am proud. I hope for more but for now that's what I have and it sure would get better!

So, my dear 54 and visitors passing by, Thank you all for being here today.

Does my cake not look pretty..?I baked last night because I couldn't get some sleep...but well it's also my blog's birthday!
Specially to those passing by, come around more and you may take a step further by hitting the follow tab..*wink*

Cheers people!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I have been reading alot of ELEVENS around blogsville and now its time to share mine...I got tagged by the delicious Toinlicious (see me trying out my rhyming

So, here we go.

Things to do:
1. Post the rules.
2.Post 11 things about yourself
3.Answer the questions by your tagger
4.Create 11 questions and tag another 11 to answer them
5.Note: no tag backs and also notify the people you tagged
6.Let your tagger know you answered their questions.

Phew!! that's a long list and yay!! I get to do that to 11 people..! *evil grin*

11 things about me
- I do not like window shopping..I think whats the point??
-I drink alot of water...I could go through 6litres a day!
-I have too many clothes but I still rotate just a few of the too many...*odd*
-I love pretty shoes!! They give me "shoe-gasm"...*wink*
-My handwriting is really beautiful and I have had people even teachers seek who is behind it (I don't mean to brag..*smiles*)
-I hate mathematics once it exceeds plus,minus,divide and multiply anything square root,cube root etc to me is just blah blah blah..
-I have alot of handbags and they have to me "ginormous" to make it to my squad.
-I am not a fan of fashion or vogue..*ouch! did someone just pinch me for that?*
-I hate the new abbreviation trend HBD,HML,LLNP, makes me think "what is wrong with people?If you can't type proper wishes to me..please save it abeg" even my father types IJN..*lol*
-I have so many books that I actually have never opened..everything is on computers,phones and tablets now know!
-I love Yoruba old school music talk Haruna Ishola,Kayode Fashola,Ebenezer Obey and the likes(I bet you don't know who they are!) because they make father says I should have been born decades ago.*wise man*

Yay!! 11 and done...

Now to questions from toinlicious;

1.      What’s the one question you would ask God if you could? Why is there so much hate in the world?
2.      What is your most embarrassing moment? My colleague insulted me in front of friends..and yeah I am the one with morals so I stood my ground and kept a straight face but inwardly I was in pieces.
3.      If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be? I would take away discrimination of any sort.
4.      If you could say one thing to the current pope, what would you say? "Could you get me a copy of the bible from the original manuscript?"
5.      What’s the one thing you wish you could "Un-invent" in d world and why? Guns because they have destroyed too many lives,hopes,dreams, has totally brought more pain than putting down bad guys..
6.      What’s the most terrifying moment of your life? My mum had an accident and I wasn't informed although I spoke to her 3days after it happened and she simply said she had a cold.!My world stopped when my sister called me crying crazily telling me what really happened...thanks for asking she's up on her feet now..*smiles*
7.      If you were to be recognised by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for? The person who invented the cure for AIDS.
8.      What colour best describes you? Black.
9.      If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit?Break into CIA records..I always wonder what those guys are concealing.
10. If you had to name one lesson of love that took you the longest you learn, what would it be & why? I don't really understand the concept honestly speaking.
11. If you could be guaranteed one thing besides money, what would you want? Guarantee of'cos I believe it really exists..

My questions:
1. Money or love ..which would you choose?
2. If you had the chance would you change your career, if yes to what?
3.If you could go anywhere right now,where,why and with whom will it be?
4.Favourite color?
5. Craziest thing you ever done?
6.If you could become a genius right now in what field would it be and why?
7.What did you have for lunch?
8.If you could change one thing about yourself ,what would it be?
9.If you could make a change in the world right now,what decree would you pass?
10.If you could trade places with any celebrity right now, who would it be?
11.What gift do you want for your next birthday?(you never know who might be reading...*lol*)

My tagees in no particular order of preference..

Closing remarks..To my tagger loads of love and to my tagees make sure you respond oo ehn ehn
I wish I could tag all my friends..Inshort consider yourselves tagged..

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hi everyone, today is one of those days I want to bore some of us with some medical stories..,yep! I said bore because some of us do not really like anything without fashion,gist or some global news orientation but I would like to say here that knowing some basic things about how our body works is also as important and as much fun too if not more!!
So, lets take the journey together!!

Someone just raised an eyebrow like "why the Plural?"

Oestrogen as a word per se doesn't refer to just one hormone as it implies as a singular word! That's why in this post I decided to use Oestrogens because its sounds more correct and helps keep it in memory that has components.!

Although if you say Oestrogen or Oestrogens it's still the same.

Oestrogens as a group can be broken down in 4 parts:

-ESTETROL(E4 only during pregnancy)

Someone just said "hmm so what if they are four don't they just do the same thing?"

The answer: Yes and No.

First I think its important to know that quantitatively E3>E2>E1 that is E3 is more in circulation while E1 is the least!

Secondly, it is also important to know that E3 is the weakest and E2 is the strongest!
So imagine if one had more E3 than E2..,sure that person's organism won't function the same as if it had been the other way round.

All through the female's life the level of importance and predominance of each of these hormones vary greatly.

For instance during puberty till menarche, the chief controller is E2 , while during pregnancy E3 and E4 take over!
In post menopausal women E1 runs the show.

Where do they come from?
Main source is from the Ovaries (in non pregnant) and the placenta(in pregnant)
Other minor sources are breasts,adrenal gland,liver and fat cells. (Note: Fat cells as a source is especially important in post menopausal women)

What do they do?
They function basically the same (NOTE; Their functions are not restricted to only the female reproductive system. They impact the Blood system, Digestive system, Psychology in short every other system!)
Here I would list only their basic female reproductive system impact;
-development of sexual characteristics e.g breasts
-increase uterine growth
-increase vaginal lubrication
-regulation of menstrual cycle(to be explained further in a later post)

Hope you discovered something new?
I'd love to hear from you.,so please leave you questions and comments below.

Closing remark:
Everything in the human works in its entirety based on an order of balances, one thing out of place and everything is out of sync.
Don't forget to check my tab on FEMININO or go here
Cheers people!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

What is wrong with the world??

This by no means a post in which I would start sharing moral ideas. It's just to show how cruel we humans can be.

Follow this link:

P.s you would need to be logged on to facebook to view and it won't post any crap on your wall. I tried to find an alternative but since I am no computer guru I had to stick with the easiest method

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Neurosurgery rotation: The dying girl.

Hi, everyone this is going to be a pretty long post.So if you are tired please turn around and visit later but if not, you could please hang in there and help me send forth your prayers.

My post today is going to be one of the most unusual I have written and as the title shows the story is from my Neurosurgery rotation.


The rotation started last week and I was having a pretty good time, nothing out of place ,nothing seeming too difficult until today.

According to the syllabus of the rotation, we are bound to observe surgeries and visit the Neuro ICU(intensive care unit).

So,on the day of our introduction to the Neuro ICU ,I was quite excited (people may wonder what is exciting about seeing sick people..I can't explain it myself but that's how Medicos are wired). We got there my wiring changed!(when I say we I mean myself and my 8 colleagues)

I don't know what I was expecting to see in the NeuroICU other than unconscious people attached to uncountable machines with wires, tubes and syringes hanging from virtually every body surface but there and then I did not want to be in the ICU but had no choice.

We were told to carry out some examinations on the unconscious patients and I kept moving to the back urging my other colleagues to step forward.

Let me sneak in an explanation, an unconscious body in this setting is virtually like a rag doll,you can slap,hit,pinch in short play football on it and nothing will most likely happen!

So, I kept moving behind but there was this particular patient that I moved forward to actually get a proper look at hoping to examine her.
Why you ask..,I was drawn to her bedside because she was really young early 20s in an ICU that is usually filled with older people with strokes.!
As a matter of fact I still did not touch her but I just kept looking at her face hoping she would miraculously open her eyes.
How did she get here?
A few days before she did a voluntary blood donation and she collapsed a few hours after..,she hit her head and she started bleeding into her brain..,blah blah blah and the story goes downhill from there..,usually when that happens,its not a joking matter.
She gave her blood and now here she lays motionless..I said a prayer for her in my heart and moved on

Today, we had to do follow up..,so we were back in the ICU. Let me state here that I left the Neurosurgery department around 4pm yesterday and I was back in 8.30am today and follow up began around 10am. Lo and behold 1 patient was missing..where is he?....Dead!!
I swallowed spit and moved on and there she was looking pale,her heart beat was racing, her arms and leg swollen and she is still in a coma.., all these signs are bad bad bad!In truth and medically speaking she is going to die no two ways about it..

I asked "Is there nothing more we can do for her?"..,and the surgeon/teacher in charge of us said with a tone of finality "we have done everything we can"

I was sad.
I am hoping for a miracle for her..,all she did was try to save another life by donating her blood and now she is laying there dying soon and someone else would get her blood and most probably live.

I say a prayer for her again.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow but today I thank God for the gift of Life.

Hope you are having a fair day?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

End of Immunology rotation

I just came here to vent, cos I just spent two weeks of my life going for a rotation at the Regional Hospital's Immunology department, which usually costs me a two-way 35-40 minutes bus ride to and the same amount of time fro!!..

Why am I angry?
I was in  the hands of one of those crazy ass doctors who think there is possibly nothing they can teach you anymore.!
Why the heck won't he just let me have the two weeks in my home instead?
The rotation ended today and we had a computer module..can you imagine? After the guy did not teach A for apple...He even had the guts to ask for a research work!! (the nerve of that guy)

Anyways there was an upside to the whole thing I scored 97% on the module( yeah ..yeah..I don't mean to brag but hey..that's a good grade right there!...In the spirit of fasting and prayer I hope I get more of such scores..Amen)

Tomorrow a new rotation begins "clinical pharmacology". Wish me another 97% or more!! Amen!

P.s : New post in feminino. Click the tab up there or here  you might learn something new.

Cheers people..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Life is a journey..


I watched a movie today,it was a Yoruba movie as u would be able to tell as soon as you read the reason behind this post.

The movie revolves around a woman who had 9 children and 8 of them died within a time frame I am unsure of but judging by the plot it should be about 5 years.
Most of the children were already of working age, meaning she was supposed to just relax and enjoy the fruits of her labour and then they started dying one by one.

While she was lamenting at the 8th one's graveside ,blaming God for everything some women appeared(you get the drift na) and they offered her help which she readily accepted.

She was presented with 3 calabashes each one represented 3 different lives:

1. The son would live for as many years revealed in the calabash with riches and then die as soon as the time is up even if its 1year.

2.The son would live a long life with riches and fame, but the riches and fame have a duration that has expiry and on expiry the son will become a famous mad man.

3.The son would live a freakishly long life that he might have to be killed after living for too long, but he must never enjoy riches. Even if he comes by them by chance he mustn't spend,if he does he would die.

At the last option, I thought "what is the difference?"

My thoughts: If this woman makes her choice do I have the right to fault her?She had 9!!! and now just 1!

My prayer and my resolve: May God never put us in a dire situation beyond that which he knows we can control and may we never loose sight of God being the pillar of our lives because if anyone looses sight of God for a second there is no telling what desperate measures that person would apply.
May God give everyone the strength to keep the faith in trials and tribulation..because yes those times definitely come.
May God give us the strength to choose and remember him always...Amen!

LOVE the LORD with all your heart.

Cheers people!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gratitude...A year older

Glory to the Almighty I added a year last week Friday!!

It wasn't a "rooftop raising" affair but I was surrounded by my beloved ones...,friends,colleagues..
simply put it was awesome!!

It was a beautiful coincidence that I was also hosting a "cell group".
I didn't get a chance to dress up fancy and all tho'....,I baked my own birthday cake too not a professional job but everyone said it was lovely...yaay!!
My only concern was for the "oyinbo" that came too cos my God the rice I made was pepper yo even by my standard which is not so high!! The guy just struggled with it and at the end had to say "you make good chicken" I fought with all my inner will not to laugh... might have to tilt your head at an awkward angle or squint for the beauty of the cakes to come anyway u try it would look pretty much the same)

I try small na ....abi?

 sorry no picture with my face toward the camera cos I would have loved to show off my haircut which I did myself but I had herpes simplex 1 breakout on my left cheek ...:( talk about perfect timing eh?

...but if u look well well you might just notice the roughage on my left cheek..
If you need to see my face visit my profile..cos there ,no herpes...*wink*

and please ignore the groovy chic pillow case..*covering face*

Cheers people!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

International Marriage

I know a lot of people will disagree with my opinion about this issue but i will go ahead and give voice to my thoughts anyway...

I came across some photos on facebook,bb and even twitter sef...and i started to question "are these oyinbo people still safe?"...i know some of you would have seen the photos but for the sake of those who haven't i will gladly share...

Pic 1: pls my people look carefully at the first  picture....!!! What the heck??? that's almost his mum's mate if not his the way there's also a picture of him and the woman at MMairport set to leave the country(unfortunately i did not save that one but would keep an eye out for it again)..

Pic 2: they look like a real couple though..,nothing looks out of place
 but, the effect of the previous couple and so many more like the gives room for such thoughts that it's all a sham..

OK..let me ease on the first guy a bit, he might actually be in love with the woman (i don't believe so tho) but because of the previous stories we have heard about various people coupled with the naija mind...hmmm i shake my head..only God knows how many oyinbo and black hearts have been broken over these kinds of arrangement..

Sham marriages between Africans especially Nigerians and foreigners have put us under scrutiny by oyinbo people and also it has made every such union look like sham even if it's not..

Call for honesty; Every time you see a black and white couple especially the male being black ,whats the first thing that comes to your mind??

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good day,Bad day


Day;Saturday, 21st of January 2012
Location:1. My flat
              2. Traumatology wing. Regional hospital


#Good:My outlook for today was very bright because I woke with a smile across my face. Reason It was the longest sleep I had in days past and it lasted a whooping 5hours!!
I got out of bed sluggishly ,made my way to the kitchen to set up baking things for a cake i would be taking to a group feasting later in the evening.

#Bad ; Burnt cake
I don't mean to brag but the very first cake I baked in my awesome life did not even get a crack on top not to mention getting burnt, but this morning put an end to my spree of never burnt cakes.
Now I need to stop at the store on my way back from the hospital to bake a new one..:'(

#Bad or Good? ; Trauma in Traumatology department
I got to the hospital pretty early shinning with confidence cos i was pretty sure I had enough in my cute head...that's the sweet part
Hello????Madam Dammy fall from that high cloud now!!!(*Dr House voice*)
I bounced heartily into my teacher's office, he smiled and told me to sit ,gave me a load of questions after which my brain started to hurt (my confidence was at 45% at the moment, if u get my drift). and just when i thought I was about to receive mercy from his claws, I heard "Room no 1, Patient 1, go prepare his case history" and in my head i'm thinking " what the heck it's saturday for heaven's sake can't you let me get to that on monday? " but outside my head I just nodded in compliance.
I get to the patient's room...empty!!!(horror..!! this would only keep me here longer!!)
I went to the corridor and took a seat, in a few minutes my teacher walked past and he said "why are you not with the patient?"
Me: He wasn't there( I was seriously hoping for "Ok you can get to it on Monday")
He turns toward the rooms and i automatically get up and follow him..,Lo and behold
the patient was lying there...If i were an "oyinbo" child I swear you could have seen me go pale because he turned around and looked at me like i was a joker and just walked out of the room.

The bright side; My patient a 25 year old driver and his pretty wife were awesome people..,they made me laugh all through the questioning and examination that time just flew by.

But I had another problem ,I couldn't figure what was really wrong with the guy so after about 2hours I went back to my teacher for some help which he offered some really unnecessary ones and his last statement to me was "It's your problem not mine.,go solve it!"

For the first time, I had tears of frustration with Medicine as a whole in my eyes...,I walked away from his office, put my things together and left for home telling myself I'll fix it later but not today...cos today I just want to try a new fruit..(my way of consoling myself)

#Bad; I get home ,open facebook and it's bad news everywhere..,bombings here and there. What happening to Nigeria. May God help us

I just have to go try that new fruit and I decided it's going to be a kiwi fruit..

Hows your day going?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new year..Ever smiling nigerians...

First i'll say a very happy new year to my beautiful fellow bloggers!!
May God's grace that has brought us this far never depart from us..Amen..

After spending all day lounging I decided to bake after that I thought of going through my Facebook page to see what my beloved friends were up to..,peeps what my eyes saw made me rage and at the same time gave me hope..that is my faith in my fellow Nigerians went up...and a prayer came to mind "May God in his infinite mercies always give us a reason to smile even in the worst situation..Amen"

Our leaders gave Nigerians a new year fuel price!
In my rage at the news..,some wonderful Nigerians still made a joke of the annoying situation and instead of me getting mad at their making a joke of such a dire situation I found myself smiling until laughter at some point..

See for yourself..
this guy his trying to fill his tank with pee..

...chained to my fuel my money even helps loose

...master Jesus turned water to wine..,lets try for fuel..

need i say more?

May God give us leaders with the welfare of the masses at heart..Amen

Thought; If only our leaders would slash their allowances and put into the subsidy..for heavens sake 1billion naira on food???? *smh*