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Thursday, 12 April 2012

End of Immunology rotation

I just came here to vent, cos I just spent two weeks of my life going for a rotation at the Regional Hospital's Immunology department, which usually costs me a two-way 35-40 minutes bus ride to and the same amount of time fro!!..

Why am I angry?
I was in  the hands of one of those crazy ass doctors who think there is possibly nothing they can teach you anymore.!
Why the heck won't he just let me have the two weeks in my home instead?
The rotation ended today and we had a computer module..can you imagine? After the guy did not teach A for apple...He even had the guts to ask for a research work!! (the nerve of that guy)

Anyways there was an upside to the whole thing I scored 97% on the module( yeah ..yeah..I don't mean to brag but hey..that's a good grade right there!...In the spirit of fasting and prayer I hope I get more of such scores..Amen)

Tomorrow a new rotation begins "clinical pharmacology". Wish me another 97% or more!! Amen!

P.s : New post in feminino. Click the tab up there or here  you might learn something new.

Cheers people..


  1. Yay to many more 97%'s & more :)

  2. Pele. Look on the bright side, your grades were fantastic

  3. *Jumping hi5* 97% is not beans! Goodluck with the new rotation


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