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Monday, 16 July 2012

Money excess..

Hi people..,
I feel like a clown as I write this post...cos I still am laughing at myself...*side hurts.

I was in my home "jejely" and troubling nobody when I decided to check my account balance online cos I was expecting some money ...I opened the e-banking page and still no signs of transaction....mildly vexing I picked up my phone and called my momma straight up forming the angry voice "Mom you haven't transferred the money" and she goes "oh pele oko mi(sorry my dear), I would send it in a few hours".....and you know the drill I just switched to "Thanks mom..,you are the very best" and she hung up saying "check your account in about an hour"

1 hour later.

I bounce steadily to my PC...check my account and BOOM my account showed a new credit of 20,000 dollars!!....yeepa! Momma I am not trying to pay any fees oo plus I am just on holiday and it's not like my account was totally empty prior to this time which she knows full well...I was doing somersaults in my brain!
Momma has the habit of going overboard when she wants to apologize but this is more than double...or maybe she and dad wanted to do a combo surprise cos I was also waiting on the daddy portion.
...I was joyous but puzzled so I decided to check my other account because I run two accounts with GTBank Nigeria ,one in USD and the other in Nigerian Naira.
..and then again BOOM 2M naira!!!.... you can pick up your jaws from the floor and put your eyes back in their sockets and let's move on..
The 2M naira part was a joke....*hehehehehe (ouch don't hit me..,)

..and then I remembered I was expecting a deposit on my naira account from someone and it must have mistakenly be credited to the Dollars account.....

mmmmmmscheeeeew! was the next thing..
I got someone in Nigeria to reach GTBank to rectify the error...

But then again..,*ring ring* and the following conversation ensued.

Momma: Hello

Me: Hello..,1 hour has passed and where is my money?



  1. Loooolll. Maybe this is a shadow of something that would happen to your pocket very soon

  2. That was a good joke you played on Hope Mommy Dammyjewel came through in the end?!

  3. This one no be small thing. The thing go land. no worry.


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