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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A year gone by..

So, my dear readers "JOURNAL OF A NAIJA BABE" is a year old today!!!!


That means the baby babbles are clearer and the baby is beginning to walk...
Today I choose to remember my first comment and my first member "NAIJAMUM IN LONDON". I am pretty sure most of us know who she is and I can say she was the first on some other blogs too..,the first comment which she wrote kept me here on blogsville( thanks N.I.L) and today I am a proud blogger to 54 member readers! I know some people think 54? I say yes 54! and I am proud. I hope for more but for now that's what I have and it sure would get better!

So, my dear 54 and visitors passing by, Thank you all for being here today.

Does my cake not look pretty..?I baked last night because I couldn't get some sleep...but well it's also my blog's birthday!
Specially to those passing by, come around more and you may take a step further by hitting the follow tab..*wink*

Cheers people!


  1. Aww congrats. 54 is a big deal. I don't think I had up to 3 followers after my first year.

    1. hmmmm a whole @ilola 3 ke??ehn ehn I no gree
      thanks oo..

  2. Congratulations. To many more followers & blogposts.

    @Atilola, you didn't have up to 3? That's hard to believe sha :)

  3. Congrats! The cake looks lovely :)

  4. congratulations.
    Yay! 9jamumdo rock...she is a likeable pesin.
    One of my cyber friends i do appreciate :)

    1. thanks ooo and i gree 9jamum na pesin

  5. Thanks oh...To you and Simply Mee BUTTTTTTTTTTT ...............
    How can you be showing me picture of cake
    As in....pisshure? You fall my hand big time.
    Abeg, forget this praise you are using to cover matter and send me cake kia kia LOL

    Congrats dearie. I am honored.
    Hope all is well

    1. don't worry ur cake is on the way..
      thanks for helping me stay on blogsville ..

  6. Happy blogovessary...cake looks nice and yummy.

  7. Happy Bloggoversary!

    Not fair that I am only going to eat that cake in spirit with you :(

  8. Happy Birthday, "Journal of a Naija Babe." Sorry I'm late, but it's better late than never. NIL was also my very first too if I remember vividly. She's such a nice lady, may GOD truly bless her, you & this blog too. :-)


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