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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FITNESS: Greetings from Cardiology!!

Hello people!
I just completed this month's rotation in Cardiology department and phew!! It was a whirlwind.! I totally loved it..maybe because I was rocking it with a man (my teacher ni that I would love to give the title of "Cardio God".

I learnt a whole lot and my scope in Cardiology is broader...thanks to Cardio God.

I brought a real good moment with a patient...enjoy!

Doctor ; How often do you drink alcohol?
Patient ; Everyday more than 2 litres.

Doctor: it's unhealthy for you and it has gone a long way to endanger the health of your heart and general well-being.
Patient: well what can i do? I heard somewhere that daily intake of alcohol is good.

Doctor: (smiles) well,yes but the alcohol we are referring to is wine and it should be about 200ml per day not 2litres.
Patient: (with a serious look on his face) 200ml is too little for one day! what if i stay off alcohol all week till one day on weekends and drink the total for the alcohol free days at once?

hehehehehe....I fought so hard to stifle threatening loud laughter waiting to explode out my chest.. and managed a small teeny weeny smile because cardio god's eyes were on us all..

A message from Cardio God: The tortoise's heart rate is about 6 beats per minute while that of a rat is above 200 beats per minute. The life span of a tortoise is above 200years while that of a rat is about 2years.
Moral of the story, care for your heart! The ways to do so, eat healthy and wisely..,exercise regularly but don't overdo it!

Fact: If you are fit your heart rate would be lower than a non-exercising individual's heart rate..,that's why athletes generally have lower heart rates about 40-60bpm!!
Normal Heart Rate: 60-100bpm.

How to check your heart rate: If you have an automatic sphygmomanometer(forget the big word..,its just the stuff that goes around the arm or wrist to check blood pressure) good for you! You get to check your blood pressure and heart rate at a go...,but if not or just in case you don't have access to one and you need to check your heart rate at rest or during physical exercise, the touch method still is the way! No need for extra baggage all you need is a watch or timer with seconds counting!
Just locate your pulse on your wrist..,turn one palm facing upward and apply slight pressure to the outer 1/3 of your wrist..,do you feel it?? yep ! yep! that's your pulse..,just count for 15seconds and multiply by 4..,whatever the figure is your heart rate! Bet you have seen that done in tons of movies..

Or you can go for checking at you neck!Locate your pulse just at the corner of the lower jaw(see picture) just count and multiply as above..

Do this well and you can audition for a role in "House M.D" pity the series has ended,,,*smiles

Note: heart rate less than 60 without any form of PROLONGED athletic fitness and accompanied by symptoms like weakness,dizziness and fainting is NOT normal..! contact your doctor immediately oo!
Before you will say it's DammyJewel's blog that said it is normal to have heart rate of 0.5bpm..(LOL)

Eat well ...,Be active!!

cheers people..!!


  1. I enjoyed the joke part, not the instructing part.

    Don't mind me, I don't like to read book.

    1. sef no like book ooo..,one just needs knowledge anyway...
      thanks for dropping by..:)

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  3. Fitness is everything, thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for reading and leaving a comment too...glad you feel the same!

  4. Ok I enjoyed this.

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