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Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new year..Ever smiling nigerians...

First i'll say a very happy new year to my beautiful fellow bloggers!!
May God's grace that has brought us this far never depart from us..Amen..

After spending all day lounging I decided to bake after that I thought of going through my Facebook page to see what my beloved friends were up to..,peeps what my eyes saw made me rage and at the same time gave me hope..that is my faith in my fellow Nigerians went up...and a prayer came to mind "May God in his infinite mercies always give us a reason to smile even in the worst situation..Amen"

Our leaders gave Nigerians a new year fuel price!
In my rage at the news..,some wonderful Nigerians still made a joke of the annoying situation and instead of me getting mad at their making a joke of such a dire situation I found myself smiling until laughter at some point..

See for yourself..
this guy his trying to fill his tank with pee..

...chained to my fuel my money even helps loose

...master Jesus turned water to wine..,lets try for fuel..

need i say more?

May God give us leaders with the welfare of the masses at heart..Amen

Thought; If only our leaders would slash their allowances and put into the subsidy..for heavens sake 1billion naira on food???? *smh*


  1. It really is so sad. Kmt.

    Happy New Year jare. All the best in 2012. x

  2. How much was the increase?!

    you have to love nigerians, changes do not keep them down, they will adapt!

  3. @ms.buki...thanks its really sooo sad went up from 60-142...isn't that just crazy??
    and to think the budget for 2012 includes 1billion naira for feeding the president and his vice..crazy innit?

  4. Smiling through the pain..
    This actually made me smile..

  5. i was mad at first too but i really love Nigerians, our ability to find a reason to laugh in every situation is truly a blessing and now it's even justified because we're fighting for our rights even as we try to cheer one another through the hard times. I pray God intervenes on our behalf

  6. Happy new year! I know, the removal of the fuel subsidy so suddenly was not a good new year's present! But I admire that people from all walks of life in Nigeria are coming together to strike and protest and rally and stand up for a collective interest (The non violent protesters).
    It will be interesting to see what the result of the uproar is.


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