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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gratitude...A year older

Glory to the Almighty I added a year last week Friday!!

It wasn't a "rooftop raising" affair but I was surrounded by my beloved ones...,friends,colleagues..
simply put it was awesome!!

It was a beautiful coincidence that I was also hosting a "cell group".
I didn't get a chance to dress up fancy and all tho'....,I baked my own birthday cake too not a professional job but everyone said it was lovely...yaay!!
My only concern was for the "oyinbo" that came too cos my God the rice I made was pepper yo even by my standard which is not so high!! The guy just struggled with it and at the end had to say "you make good chicken" I fought with all my inner will not to laugh... might have to tilt your head at an awkward angle or squint for the beauty of the cakes to come anyway u try it would look pretty much the same)

I try small na ....abi?

 sorry no picture with my face toward the camera cos I would have loved to show off my haircut which I did myself but I had herpes simplex 1 breakout on my left cheek ...:( talk about perfect timing eh?

...but if u look well well you might just notice the roughage on my left cheek..
If you need to see my face visit my profile..cos there ,no herpes...*wink*

and please ignore the groovy chic pillow case..*covering face*

Cheers people!!


  1. Happy birthday in arrears. Good to know that you had a nice time.

  2. happy birthday missy. i thought the picture had some Camera Blur, but now that you mentioned Herpes, i cant seem to get that out of my mind. hmmmm.

  3. @ilola...thank you very much..,yea I had a nice visit my new tab "feminino" and kindly leave your comments..xoxo
    @lovelife4sale ...thanks for the at the camera blur...about the herpes i hope u are not thinking the wrong herpes *scratching head*..

  4. Happy birthday to you! You made those cakes? They look awesome.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Your really did try with the cakes, especially the second one!!! Good job :)

  6. lol... yeah, Cold sores are Herpes too.... i wrote my ambigous comment on purpose.. i seem to have a habit of not being 100% clear most times.

  7. Happy Birthday. 2 cakes? You tried o.

  8. Happy b'day in arrears.
    The curious thing for me though is "how come you didn't take the pic showing your right cheek instead?"
    *scratches head*

  9. Better late than never right? Happy birthday in arrears. Been a while i saw u around my space tho

  10. @myne@ blessing@ okeoghene thanks a lot...*blushing
    @lovelife4sale...thanks we cleared that up
    @rocmar I am not a fan of photos of one side of my face ..
    @toinlicious thanks a lot...apologies about missing from ur page...busy busy ..xoxo

  11. Happy birthday in arrears... Have a bleessed day

    I dobale for you o, i can't bake anything to save my life so that right there is perfection as far ad i'm concerned

  12. happy birthday in arrears...Have a beautiful year ahead!

  13. You are as beautiful and your cakes! Seems that you did have a good time.

  14. Hope you had a wonderful


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