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Sunday, 13 January 2013

If you could see yourself

Somewhere in Africa ...
Just a few days ago, another young soul was gunned down,
You put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger maybe because he refused to part with a few quid or his phone..
You shot him point blank without mercy..that is someone's son,brother and friend..he was a Doctor
If only you could see yourself...

A few months before that ,4 promising young boys met their doom at your hands..
Someone shouted "thieves thieves"..
You didn't think twice , no questions asked you rushed out with machetes, tyres, stones and ever precious petrol...
You threw the tyres around them, added sprinkles of petrol asked around for matches , opened the box picked out a matchstick and lit it and set the boys ablaze...all these time the innocent boys were begging for mercy
It makes me wonder why you didn't call up your wives for some pepper,salt and seasoning so you can have a tasty meal of their flesh and pretend its roasted meat.
There were 4 of them and yes YOU killed them..
Yet another family you destroyed..
I wonder if you went to bed proud that night..
If only you could see yourself...

Somewhere in America..
You got out of bed that morning.., maybe you even had breakfast..
You put a gun in your jacket walked into a school and started an unbelievable scene ..
You shot 6 and 7 year olds and their teachers and then put a gun to your own head...what's with the cowardice ? You should have stayed on to defend your "heroic" dastardly unjustifiable act..

Your strange Asian twin woke the next morning somewhere in Asia and stabbed the same number of children you killed..
If only you could see yourself...

The prayer:
I pray you.., I mean you all including those who are still planning to carry out such acts..,those of you planning to rape and chop up humans both young and old for rituals and whatever..
I pray you all go to bed and dream, fall into a trance, get a revelation or whatever in which YOU are the victim..
The gun is put to your skull, the tyre around your body as the petrol drizzles on your bruised and torn up body and as you beg for mercy you hear chorus "kill him, set him ablaze", you are the one on a plane on your way to meet loved ones and someone else is strapped up with bomb trying to take you to your death with himself, you are the one being raped as you beg teary eyed and loose consciousness, you get stabbed and left by the roadside...the list is endless..

I would like to know the temperature of the sweat that would be pouring down your face when you wake as you hear A billion voices in your head chanting "now that you have seen yourself ..would you still carry out these acts?" while images of your acts and your plans flash before your eyes without cease in 5D and HD....

If you could see yourself... Would you still do it?

You might never get to read this ..., but the number of hearts that would echo these prayer and words will eventually transmit the effect to you...

Yes ..YOU will hear Our voices in your head..and it wouldn't be a serenade.

The Voices.


  1. This world can be so full of sorrows, God help us.

  2. What's life turning to? Ehn...I join my tiny voice to the voices and I pray it hunts them.

    This just inspired me to finish up a poem/writing, should post it soon. Happy New Year sis

  3. Joining my voice in prayer too.
    Lovely poem/write up Dammy.

  4. Truly, if only they could see themselves as the victim. Sad but nice writeup.

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