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Sunday, 17 February 2013

My current rotation

Hello my darling people!!

I have been neck deep in a ton of work, hence the blog abandonment. Pardon

My current rotation is OB/GYN and it's my third of its kind in 3 years... But this time something seems to be different.
For every case I attend, every procedure or every chart or diagram I FLINCH EVERYTIME AS IN I ALMOST BURST INTO TEARS and the only thing in my head is "OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO DO THIS SOMEDAY!" Like push this head out of my thingy!!

It never bothered me but its like now I'm older and close to that future!! My first ever delivery taking was 4years ago and I was smiling and eating chocolate sef as it was going on but now all I can do is flinch and wince and almost push with the lady in labour!!

My colleague Dr Pato told me, if it was that bad your mum won't do it the second time! And I just said oh sharrap! You are just a male goat....LOL

My dear mothers of the world ...I hail thee!!
May you reap the fruit of your labour MOMS.

Big hug and lots of love!

Cheers people!


  1. Joining you in that prayer. Amen!! My mom did it 7times. Our family friend did it 10 times. God bless them.

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