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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy new year!!


Yeah I know someone just thought "is this girl for real!" Happy new year ?Lol...yea I know it's 8th of  January already but hey at least I'm still sending my heartfelt greetings to all you beautiful people out there..

Wishing us all a year filled with the Almighty's ever bountiful grace and mercy...with those two under our belts this me there is no stopping us!

How I entered this new year? Well.., a lot of people must have spent the crossover praying mountains to move and pulling down stronghold and powers of "orisirisi"(I seriously hope one of those people prayed for me oo...#insurance-cover...lolz), others sitting with family simply thanking God for one another in a calm environment, some in the club doing their thing many ways to get into the new year....
...but me..? Ahh you couldn't guess in a million aeons( if there's such a!) how I crossed into the new year...
 Guess? Nope! You are wrong!!! Told ya you won't guess right..😄

People I slept peacefully and soundly into the new year ooo! #covering face shamefully ..I woke up Lo and behold ! it was 2013!

But hey! You can't blame me nau....I had to change time zone to meet family for the new year....and ohhh I could only get out on 31st can imagine now yeah?  So after about 6-8 hours of travelling....I was wasted by touch-down!

...when my sister tried to complain....I simply told her it was new year in "my" time-zone a few hours earlier already and since I'm still on that timing bed time is earlier and here new year is a few hours after mine....lmao! Can you beat that?
Even as I was saying it....I couldn't help but think to myself..."well I actually am not lying" #straightface

Due to my sleep-in....I have decided to caption 2013 as my year of peace, ease, pleasure ,comfort and satisfaction...!😊 Cos that sleep was superlicious....(well word doesn't exist ! But I know you get the jist *winks)

Now thinking of a resolution list...#unseriouspikin !

Hope your new year started on a good note!

Cheers people!!


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