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Monday, 19 September 2011

My legs are stronger...

So..,after my painfully short 6weeks of summer vacation the hustle began again 1st September..

My first rotation was Infectious disease and it lasted 15days..and I never really bonded with the Doctor in charge maybe cos she complained about my patient case history or simply cos even if you deliver to her 100% it never seems to be enough, she seems to always need an extra 5-10% to be impressed of my colleagues calls her "the devil's niece" that the devil himself does not like..(not that i totally agree but hey..her over sabi na die..)but thank heavens its over for now and i don't miss her at all and i solemnly pray I get a nicer and more understanding doctor when my rotation takes me to that department again(help me say Amen abeg!!!)

My present rotation is Surgery and yea I am beginning to question my choice of becoming a surgeon..cos my God i feel exhausted,,,i woke up 6am, left home 7.30 and got back in 6pm..(now that's harsh)...
I spent 5hours on my feet standing over a motionless body on the operating table in the theater praying silently in my mind that this old sixty something year old woman makes it off the table..she had gastrointestinal cancer and a procedure called Whipple's had to be done..

....but thank God she made it off the table....and yes I made it home(thats why i'm blogging ..*smile*) and I did not pass out this time even though it was the same professor of that very sugery..I guess my legs are getting

Cheers people...mmmwah!!


  1. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger

  2. i agree with @ilola. welcome back

  3. Thank you for checking out my blog! Wow, you're a doctor? Amazing! I often think I could have enjoyed being a doctor so it'll be interesting reading about your experience. Go you! You did make it through the day and I'm sure you did great :)

  4. LOL thank God, the doctor would raise eyebrows if you had to faint again :)
    All the best dear and a big "amen" to all your prayers :)

  5. Heyy gave you an award on my blog, go get it!! :)

  6. Amen to that!

    I wanted to be a surgeon but life took alot of crazy turns and i ended up studying psychology but i'm still in love with surgery and medicine as a whole and have to stop myself from taking notes when watching medical series,lol

    I'm happy for you and i pray that you get sronger and better. God bless you


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