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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Versatile bloggers!!!

Okay...I haven't been feeling much love towards my blog these days....maybe mostly cos I'm tired after my usually busy day..(sometimes even busy nights!!!...not what you are thinking ooo) or I simply lost the initial gingah....anyways my blog has been suffering...

...but today I feel refreshed cos it's like...thank God someone has my blog in mind..I got tagged by coy introvert as a newly discovered blog as a versatile blogger..hooray!!! ( visit her blog via the link..its awesome there..)

Now to the responsibilities that comes with this award..;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post..
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

Coy Introvert ...I salute...thanks for remembering me..much

Arrrghhh...7 things..

1. I love shoes...yep i do...I'll do anything for a gorgeous pair even if i won't wear it more than father even calls me octopus cos he says i buy shoes like i have more than two feet...(what a wise man!!..xx)

2. I love order...yes everything has to be "spic and span"....if you scatter something around't try

3. I hate cockroaches...I almost jumped off a two storey cos one was after me...#fact...(my father had the whole house fumigated after that...and has become a tradition since to fumigate)

4. I love music...not the "pakurumo pakurumo" type sha ooo...when i say music ..i mean music something from Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, you know the likes of them(not like i don't listen to party jamz ooo..ehn ehn..before you tag me a dulling..)

5. I play the guitar intermediate and the keyboard beginner......i also read sheet music intermediate..

6. I never leave home without a pen or pencil and a jotter in my bag on a work day...if i do, something just feels awfully wrong!

7. I have NEVER used a phone more than a year...or lets say 10 months..if i try to its as if the phone itself gets a hint and begins to malfunction...i still don't understand why...

pheeew!!! 7 and done..

Passing on in no particular order:

s and s
madame sting
seriously doughnuts
septavalent stone
sweetly broken
seshe james

yea DONE!!!..>
p.s before any old blogger i tagged decides to have my head for tagging them in newly discovered blog..let me explain myself..i tagged you cos ur blog is new to me not because you are new to blogsville...

Thank for reading people....xxxx


  1. Thanks for the sweet tag, I know my blog moved, will be back to do my tag! Hope your weekend is going great.

  2. Number one is really, what a wise man indeed!!
    I realized most surgeons like all them beethoven kind of music, is their any explanation?
    We both love shoes and as for cockroaches, my sister can kill herself over one, so my dad does the same fumigation!!
    Please don't stop blogging oh, ejoor :)

  3. @ync...def be back ooo...see u soon

    no particular reason sha..but those kinds of music actually relax the mind and help assimilation..
    and yes..we do love shoes..!!
    tell ur sis i love her..i love pple who detest
    ..for you and d people who actually come on here...I won't stop..
    thanks...loads of love..

  4. Just saw your comment on my blog. thanks for the award i'll have to do like you did....

    ps: dont stop blogging o. I know how you feel sha. i've had times i just wanted to stop but something (maybe someone's comment, a new follower or something else) will just make me keep on. I guess we all just have those days

  5. Wow, so happy... Thanks for the award....

    I will continue to check your blog, and pls update more...

  6. Nice to meet you Dammy! And I love everything medical (in my other world I was supposed to be a doctor) so don't you fear, you have a follower in me.

    Thank you for the award!

  7. Back again, looked at your list and had to ask. how do you cope with loving things spic and span as a budding surgeon. An orthopedist can achieve spic and span on a fracture but an internist with all that blood and fat?

  8. Happy new month to you, I gave you a tag, check it out. How have you been?

  9. Hahahahaha! @ "pakurumo pakurumo" type of music. Lolol.

    Oh wow! You play the guitar and piano! That's cool.

    You clever woman re: tagging older bloggers that are new to you. Why didn't I think of that? Lol.

    I've also just awarded you this same award. So you've escaped the extra work. Lol.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Another shoe addict. *Rolling eyes* gona have to find that 'shoe anonymous' soon. I have to stage an intervention for you, Coy introvert and my sister! i can just imagine u guys introducing urselves. "hi, we're bloggers and shoe addicts" lol.

    nice blog. 1st time here and following. you can check out mine too

  12. Your love for music that isnot the pakurumo type is really interesting, I must say.

    Point of correction; it shldn't be "I hate cockroaches" it should rather be "I fear cockroaches" hahaha... you need to overcome that phobia o abeg! lol

    - LDP

  13. Now don't you stop blogging, okay? I guess we all feel that way sometimes

    Thanks for the award.

    So you play the guitar? Hmmm, I'm loving you right now. I love the guitar and I bought one for myself last year, unfortunately I dont know how to play...I hope to learn soon. My tutor has been on my neck, have not just had time...imagine! Now you are motivating me, thanks

    Eww, I hate roaches too but not as much as I hate crawlies-rats,lizards etc.

  14. Congrats on your awards, please do keep blogging when you can, and all the best with everything. Nice to know more about you too :)

  15. I was learning how to play the guitar at one point. Nice read.

    Muse Origins

  16. @stelz..u r always welcome
    @seshe james...keep d blogging spirit alive# spic and span stays at home bt wen at the hospital or in class..i can only
    @destiny...thanks for d tag and coming
    @ms.buki thakie berry mush...
    @toinlicious...beef us not's just this thing about shoes...
    @LDP..thanks for comin
    @dayor..u welcome..and pick dat guitar up hunny,,u wont regret it..
    @myne..thanks for comin
    @muse..thanks for comin

  17. No wonder you like Beethoven dem dem...that you play the guitar and keyboard says it all....
    LMAO @ the cockroach thing... I dont think there is any small critter I can't kill!

  18. @honey dame...i wish i could just smack a roach on the head but instead i always take off in the opposite

  19. Hey Dammy, thanks for the tag and sorry for not responding early. I'm just logging on...will do mine now...long time :-)


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