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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Packing and Pondering....

My awesome and faithful readers, before you start reading the body of this post I urge you to please ponder the stories sincerely and leave your comments without bias...

I was busy packing my bags for a quick trip to Naija yesterday when I decided to breeze through my facebook(something I do once a week or two), then I stumbled upon a video and a story on some of my friends walls..

The first story is a video by a British-Nigerian journalist who came to nigeria to interview our mega millionaire pastors...I met a lot of surprises and I beg you all to please patiently watch and then share your thoughts about this question " Should we still go about looking for churches to worship or simply make our hearts our place of worship?"
Here's the link pls I beg you watch...

The second is a story I have tagged "dead woman walking" unbelievable as the story might seem it is sincerely true. Some of you might have heard of the story but please still share your thoughts.

A 42 year old woman who has been married to her recently deceased husband got a shocker of her life at her husband's burial.
All through the marriage they tried to conceive but to no avail, so the husband being a "very" loving man stood by his wife solidly..
The woman is from a very rich background but the husband is just a civil servant.
In the course of the union, the woman acquired lots of properties in lands and buildings which her husband encouraged her to put the name of their unborn child on the documents of all the properties.
To the main part, on the day of the husband's burial, another woman claiming to be the man's wife showed up with 2 kids,the first being about 7years old..that's the bad part...
The worst part was her discovery that the 7year old child bears the exact supposed name of the unborn child!!!The name her husband chose for her unborn child..
Now, the husband's family are planning to give all the properties to the 7 year old...

Please don't be too shocked to leave your comments..

P.s I will bring goodies from naija for you all...
going home


  1. My dear, fake pastors 'boku' everywhere but it doesn't mean tht everyone is fake. This guy clearly knows what he's about and tht is to make money off people. Everything about him seems staged. I pity him sha that's all I'll say. It's left for us to know who's for real and who's not. The bible gives us tests for that. And a lot of people have the wrong motive for going to church so why won't they be deceived. you follow God because you love him and not just what you want to receive from Him. Afterall, the Bereans (i think) usually went home to study the word of God for themselves even after hearing the preacher preach just to be sure it was sound doctrine.

    As for the other woman, I dunno what to say. It's painful that a man will do that and someone who has not worked for your wealth will come and take everything. I still feel she can challenge it in court though cos that's fraud/deception. The other woman wants to come and claim what she didn't work for. Naija na wa sha

  2. Everything about that pastor just seems superficial! Yellow cars? nothing screams "notice me" than color yellow, well maybe red. Like doesnt it sound a bit shady that one of the exorcised is a staff of the church? as in...a paid staff?
    Anyway, at the end, the wind will blow and the nyansh of the chicken will become exposed.

    As for the woman, I can't say that i didn't see that one coming. But what I wonder is this, if the documents are in her name, and she isnt dead yet, why can't the name be changed? Or are the documents in the husband's name?,,,orisirisi!

  3. I'm still in shock about the second story! Chei this exactly illustrates "the heart of man is desperately wicked"
    I don't know what to say.

    Back to the first story. I saw that video a while back. It was even trending on twitter the day they showed it on TV. Seriously, I was dazed.
    Yea there's nothing wrong with people giving tithes and offering in the church. The bible commands that we do so and as I believe, when you do this diligently, you'll be blessed. There's something we have to understand, that whether a church or a pastor is real or not, once you serve God with all your heart and obey his commandments, you will be blessed.
    I will never say people should stop giving their tithes and offering or that the pastor is wrong for asking for that, my only problem is the abuse.

    When Jesus was ministering, like that journalist said, he was very humble. His disciples were rich but what did he do, he gave to people. Remember the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes? It wasn't his, someone gave it to him, but he reached out to others that needed it most. He didn't save it for himself.

    Why should a pastor be acquring riches of things that were given to him? There are rich people in his church that have been blessed and are giving to him, I think the best thing to do would be to look for how to bless other people with it instead of showing off with it .
    Does he want to tell me that he can't see less priviledged people in that same church?
    I don't want to seem like I'm judging but thats definitely a question he'd answer from God cos let's face it, that is so wrong.

    Not to even mention Chris Okotie that wastes that money on his political greed every single year, when he knows he can use that money to bless the poor people in his congregation.

    As for me, I have made up my mind, the moment I see anything in a church that is not according to God's words, best believe I'm packing my bags.

  4. My mouth opened at the second story! NO JOKE! Can i share it on FB? Amazing O_o

    As for the second one, i'm so jaded about churches and pastors these days- in the end, it's only you and your God oh. Church is just a place to meet like minds in the end.

    Muse Origins FB

  5. in i posted it and i am still shocked..pls feel free to share if u wish...

  6. haha! that was too much wishful thinking on the part of the widow to name properties after a person which she 'knew' did not exist yet. But's incredulous.

    as per the millionaire pastors story, I don't know how to think about it right now. I didn't read the link so 'no comment'.

  7. These are very shocking indeed. I've already seen the pastor video before. SMH, sometimes I wonder why we are so gullible to so-called men of God. As for the widow, my heart goes out to her, she should go to court.

    Have a safe trip.

  8. I laffed throughout the time i watched the video. like my former boss will say..a fool and his money are soon parted. I'm sure the Bible warned us about Wolves, if pple have chosen foolishness, more fool them!

    As for the second story, 'o kpari'! poor woman!


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